The 6-year-itch, minus all the itchiness

photo copy 16    So Hubby and I are celebrating our 6-year wedding anniversary this Saturday. Yea, it’s a huge milestone, especially considering this isn’t our first Rodeo and we haven’t killed each other. Yet.

We both have a history, and met later in life, which, honestly, benefited us. We actually met on an online dating service, so there was a lot of cyber flirting. Even before we met in person, we hashed out all our expectations. I was a single mom of a toddler that endured a horrible divorce. He was a divorced man with no kids who still had last-minute hopes of having a child of his own. Full-time job. Owns his own house. Educated. Air Force vet. Handsome.

Well…..ok, his profile didn’t actually say “Handsome”, but that’s what I thought when I saw his profile pic. Meow.

After talking with him online for almost a month, and deemed him NOT to be a serial killer, I finally gave him my phone number. We then spent the next month talking on the phone before I finally gave into his plea to meet in person.

On a cold November night, I met him at our appointed destination. He was wearing jeans and a brown suede jacket, waiting for me outside the restaurant.  He immediately recognized me by my wild red hair. I immediately recognized him by his dark looks and great smile.

He took me inside and bought me a drink at the bar while we waited for our table.  Once at our table, I was intrigued. He played hard to get. I liked this game. He fed me steak and wine. I liked him even more.

At the end of the night, he kissed me. I was in love.

It was that simple and that quick.

10 months later, I moved in with him.  1 month later, we survived a cancer diagnosis and surgery together. 12 months later, we dealt with a brain tumor diagnosis. 1 year later, we were engaged. 3 months later, we were pregnant. 4 months after that, we married. 4 months later, we welcomed our son into the world. Last year, we survived another surgery to remove yet another tumor. Yea, life likes to test us. And to this we say to life - WE’RE STILL STANDING!

I think considering we survived a very rocky start to our first 6 years together, why not go for another 6. Then another. And if we have the energy, another 6.

It’s never easy, and at times, not fun. But this is marriage. This is life.


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