A love letter to the Mama I may have forgotten

Dear Mama,

I know you’ve been bogged down with responsibilities of kids, home, hubby and work ~ all important things, no doubt ~ but I miss the crazy, uninhibited you. I KNOW YOU! I know who you use to be, what made you who you are today….and sometimes I worry that you have forgotten the free spirit you once were. For example:

*When was the last time you sang Karaoke style?

*When was the last time you danced at a club?

*When was the last time you did something spontaneous?

*When was the last time you allowed yourself to accept a compliment?

*When was the last time you passionately kissed your husband in public without reservation?

*When was the last time you bought something because it made you feel sexy?

*When was the last time you threw caution to the wind and said ‘Fuck it!’?

*When was the last time you were confronted with something that scared the crap out of you and punched Fear in the face? Yea, I saw you swimming with sharks in Hawaii, I give you mad props for doing that. But what the hell happened in the Dells?

*When was the last time you walked up to someone and said hello? They might be the most amazing person you’ve never met.

*When was the last time you did something for the first time?

I guess the big question is; when was the last time you did something, aside from having your kids, that filled your heart and soul with raw passion? You’ve been playing it too close to the chest honey, too much time on the safe sidelines instead of on the playing field.

Yea, I know you well T, my redhead minx, my rock n’ roll star. Why the hell are you holding back, baby girl? That spark in you will never die. It’s still there, just a bit…..preoccupied. So take a deep breath, shed the layers weighing you down.

Get back to basics. Scream! Challenge! Dance! Love!

I’ll be here when you’re ready to come out and play.

Miss and love you,


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