The 7-Day Beauty Challenge: Day 4 ~ The Vamp

This look proved to be even more challenging than The French, only because I had to create a nude eye. Despite the name, there is nothing nude about it. Actually, quite the opposite. For me it included 5 different products to get it the look. A bit labor intensive, but totally worth it in the end.

Creating the deep purple lip was (almost) the easy part. I’ve always had the ability to line and fill my lips precisely, with great results. To achieve this color, however, was tough. As shown in The Smoky and The Natural, I tend to wear mostly earth tones, sometimes with a touch of red depending on my mood. So I broke out the only 2 purplish lipsticks and played with them.  Yet even with a purple lip liner, double applications topped with a purple gloss, I just couldn’t get them Purple enough.

My lips are a specific shade of pink that completely changes the pigments of every lipstick I put on them. It is extremely frustrating. No matter what it looks like in an Avon catalog, in person or swiped on my hand, I know it’s always going to be different when it touches my lips.

Little Woman came in and saved the day. My little Wonder Woman. After seeing how frustrated I was getting, she recommended I put purple eye shadow on top of the lipstick to deepen the hue.

I’ve never put eye shadow on my lips before, but it was worth a shot. And ya know what? It worked!

Next were the eyebrows. You can’t do The Vamp without dramatic eyebrows. That involved sucking up my better judgment and pulling out my black eye shadow, once again. I’ve never in my LIFE had black eyebrows, so this was new. However, against my pale skin and bright red hair, it was the desired effect: dramatic and unique.

I pulled out a few rarely used products to achieve this look: Mary Kay tinted moisturizer, Smashbox loose powder, Kat Von D eye shadow (I used the black to color my brows and the purple to darken my lips), Stila eye shadow, Avon eyeliner, Bobbie Brown Eye shadow, Mary Kay lipstick, Clinique lip gloss.

photo 2


Here are the results:


Aside from the dark eyebrow, I would wear this look out, either on a date or other special occasion. To wear this on the everyday would be a bit, um, scary. My worst nightmare is for others to point in my direction negatively. This would get the wrong type of attention at my local Target or Speedway.

Yet at the same time, a part of me says FUCK IT. I’ll wear what I want when I choose to. Dammit!

Once upon a time, I was a very inhibited girl that would scream her voice in private. Now, as an adult, regardless what I do, the little rebellious girl inside me pops out. A lot.

And she’s really, really loud. You have been warned.

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