The 7-day beauty challenge: An Introduction

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a make-up whore. I’ve had an obsession with make-up that goes back to childhood. I remember watching my mom get ready for dates with my stepdad. She was already a naturally beautiful woman, so to watch her go from beautiful to drop dead gorgeous, just with a few swipes of mascara and lipstick, was breathtaking.

To me, this was not just about colored sticks and pigmented waxes, but how you use these instruments to create a work of art.

I remember stealing my mom’s Vogue and Glamour magazines, using them as textbooks. I eventually resorted to stealing my mom’s favored Clinique items to experiment on myself. Once I was old enough to get a job, I spent a majority of my paycheck buying Bonnie Bell lip-gloss, Noxzema cold cream and Maybelline Great Lash mascara. I slowly discovered for myself how cosmetics could enhance your features. Empower you. Give you a self-confidence I never knew was possible. As an adult, my obsession grew, as did my ability to buy even more cosmetics. I don’t have one make-up bag, I have several. I don’t have one train case, I have three. And they are filled with every name brand and price point imaginable, from my favorite $1.99 Wet n’ Wild lip gloss to $50 Dior foundation. At one point, my obsession landed me a job selling high-end cosmetics at an upscale department store. That was pure heaven!

So why not take this disgusting plethora of experience and cosmetics I’ve acquired and use them to create 7 unique looks, detailing how I’ve created each look and how they make me feel as I continue with my everyday life.

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