How 43 differs from being 42: An inside perspective

My birthday was last week. I didn’t make it a big deal at all, because to me, it really isn’t. Don’t you hate those people that ask you on your birthday “so do you feel any different?!”

Yea, I hate them too. I want to punch them in the throat. It’s as if the anniversary of the moment you popped out of your mom’s vagina, your whole world changes. I usually find myself patting myself down and desperately looking around the room for any semblance of transformation.

Um, yea. I got nothing.

Yet maybe I need to break things down and really reflect on any and/or all changes that may have occurred in-between my 42nd and 43rd year of life. So here we go….

*Physically ~ I still look the same, still weigh the same, still feel the same. My boobs still hang a bit lower than 20 years ago, and my twice-pregnant belly is bigger than I prefer, but otherwise, the same. Oh, except the onset of pre-hypertension…and daily heartburn…and raging rosacia…and peri-menopause…oh yea. Fun times. Holy hell. Otherwise, I can’t complain. I still get pegged for 30. Everyone that cards me asks me what my secret is. I always claim wine and Irish whisky, which makes them laugh and bag my shit quicker. Honestly, genetics have everything to do with it. I thank fuck for good genetics every day (and secretly wonder when my luck will eventually run out.)

*Maternally ~ The morning of my birthday, nothing was different. Dude jumped on me at the ass-crack of dawn, kicked me in the taco, gave me a sloppy kiss then announced he had to take a poop. I was put on-call for a major butt wiping. Little Woman texted me “Happy Birthday” while she was on the bus to school and asked ten million times if I remembered to put milk money in her lunch bag (which I responded ten million times YESYESYESYESYES). After I dropped Dude off at Pre-K, instead of taking some ‘me’ time to get my nails done or go shopping, I came home to clean and do laundry. Oh yea, I’m bringing sexy back. After the kids came home from school, it was

“momIwantthis, momIwantthat, momcanIdothis, Ineedmylaundrydone, whatisfordinner, Ihatewhatyouarecooking, canyouhelpmewithmyhomework, Ihateyou, Iloveyou, canIhaveanicecreamsandwich, whenisspongebobsquarepantson, IthinkIamgettingmyperiod, Idonotwanttotakeabath, Ihaveanewboyfriendatschool, myclothessuckIneedmore, Ihatebandandwanttogiveup, boysthinkIamageek, IloveyoubutIhateyoumom, canIgetahug, leavemealone."

JAY-ZUZ! Another Thursday, no different from the rest. And I love every single crazy moment.

*Sexually ~ At 42, I was having great sex. But then, guess what? On the evening I turned 43, something happened – I was having even better sex! The whole saying of “with age comes knowledge and experience” has never been more relevant. So for those wondering about sex in your 40’s…oh yea. It’s happening. And it’s better than ever. Be prepared to have your mind. Blown. Boom!

*Maritally ~ Still married. He still pisses me off. I still love him. Still want to kill him. Can’t imagine my life without him. The bond is there, another year older, another year stronger. Most days I want to knock him into the nearest wall, but I appreciate everything he does for our family, and I’ll love him forever for that.  It’s the most disgustingly passionate rapport I’ve ever known. We could go endless rounds in our kitchen, screaming and yelling, then have crazy sex two seconds later. It’s the most brilliant love-hate relationship I’ve ever experienced. This is life. This is marriage.

*Spiritually ~ Another year gone, another year better aware of who I am and what I stand for. And this in-itself is a huge achievement. I’ve managed to narrow down the field of friend or foe. I’ve given less fucks for judgmental assholes than the year before. If I see you on the regular, if we talk every day through social media, if you are actually reading this blog, then I know you care. I’m still a work-in-progress, but I promised myself that I would never represent anything different than who I am. I write how I talk. My work may be raw and a bit harsh, but it’s always true. I totally believe in karma and respect everything she does. Be true and everything will come back at you 10-fold. I make a conscious decision how I conduct myself every day. I own up to my mistakes, and take full responsibility. What you read is whom I am, never less. I’m proud of this. Spiritually, I’m all set. How ‘bout you?

Right now, 43 is looking damn good. And the best is yet to come. Namaste.


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