How to survive life, according to a (so far) survivor

Life sucks. Period. End of story. We’re going to experience certain things we only dreamed of, yet more of what we never did. It’s a give-and-take. It’s an endless game of up-and-down. The ultimate deciding factor is how much we can deal with…and what we choose to do with what we learn.

For those that have been through a lot, please know that you’re not alone. I feel you, on so many levels.

*For those who’s parents divorced as a toddler.

*For those forced into multiple marriages.

*For those whom were forced to relocate to a new town, leaving behind friends.

*For those who desperately tried to fit into a new lifestyle.

*For those that were consistently bullied for being ‘different’.

*For those who had to eventually scream to realize their own voice.

*For those whom stumbled through the awkward first moments of falling in love.

*For those who were left at the alter, heart completely broken.

*For those who were forced to pick up the pieces, and build their life anew.

*For those that gave love a second chance.

*For those afraid that a second ceremony would never happen, and breathed a sigh of relief when it did.

*For those that bounced around the country, chasing a dream.

*For those that counted ceiling tiles while in labor, prepping for your first-born.

*For those that experienced when verbal abuse turned physical.

*For those attending counseling, begging for the well being of your marriage and your own sanity.

*For those that chose to pack up your car with prized possessions and your small child, only to drive away from the only life you’ve known for a decade.

*For those who had to re-discover how to live on your own and who the hell you were.

*For those who reached an ultimate all-time low and suddenly didn’t recognize who you were anymore.

*For those that choose to drag themselves out of the hole that was created due to circumstance.

*For those that brushed off the dust and called yourself a Phoenix. Because you have fucking risen.

*For those of you who gave love yet another chance.

*For those that walked down the aisle for a second time, with bated breath.

*For those that witnessed a dream come true, as he grew in your belly.

*For those that have dealt with more than you ever expected. But thanks to patience and understanding, you learn to cope.

*For those whose daily vocabulary includes the word Cancer.

*For those that fight your spouse’s specific demons every day, yet still maintain your own sanity.

*For those that survived another round of marriage counseling. Because you’re that fucking stubborn.

*For those that juggle several balls at one time while wearing multiple hats and dancing endless jigs, to the point of complete exhaustion.

*For those that have sat in a hospital chair, watching your loved one suffer, completely helpless.

*For those that worry about the future. Not just for yourself, but for others as well.

Hey – I get you. And please take comfort that you’re not alone. With the good comes that bad, and vice versa.

So cry when necessary.

Scream if it makes you feel good.

Hug and kiss the ones you hold dear.

Be thankful for those who love you.

Most of all, embrace your experience and love yourself. Because you are a survivor.



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