My top 10 addictions

I have to admit, I hate all those silly online games like Candy Crush and Farmville. I think they are a waste of time and brain cells.  And every time I get a request, my response is, um, well, not exactly nice.




But every once in a while, I see these little number games floating around facebook, and I find them intriguing. They usually start with “I was given the number 13”….and suddenly you’re hooked in. 13 unknown facts about me. 13 things I couldn’t live without. 13 foods I always have in my house…and the list goes on and on.

I love these because I find out random facts about my friends that I’ve never known. Some are obvious, but some are enough to make you go WHAAAA?! It’s all for fun, makes you laugh out loud, and usually makes you realize how much you have in common with those you choose to surround yourself with.

I recently “liked” a list of addictions and was given the number 10. So here we go.

Coffee ~ The nectar of Gods. The beginning of all life. Without this glorious liquid running down my throat every morning and giving me a kick in the ass, I couldn’t function. Is it a drug? Probably. Is it an addiction? Oh hell yea. But I refuse to apologize. I have so few vices in life, allow me to have this one.

Mob Wives ~ Or for that matter, any mob related movie and documentary.  I’m a sucker for anything Mob related. This goes back to my days growing up on the south side of Chicago and whom I was surrounded with as a kid. Let’s just say I had more “uncles” then I had true uncles, and when things were done a certain way, you didn’t ask questions. As a kid, I had no clue. As I grew older, I slowly put 2 and 2 together.  I eventually married a Sicilian. This was not by accident. So when I watch these broads on TV, I can relate. To a certain extent.

*Lip Gloss ~ I hate dry lips. I could be barefaced and haven’t showered in days, but the second my lips are dry, I go crazy. I literally have lip gloss in every single room of my house, including my car. Yea, the addiction is that bad. I really can’t pin point when this happened, but it is what it is. Thank Heaven my fav gloss is only $1.99 from Walgreens. Love me, love my lip gloss.

*Wine ~ Well, duh. That’s a no brainer. I know more about this liquid than a layperson should know. Sommeliers should call ME for information. Whether it’s a bottle of 2-Buck-Chuck or an $800 bottle of unoaked chardonnay, I’ve tasted it all.  And I’m thankful to have friends in the industry that have trained me well.

*Ghost shows ~ After my experience as a kid, the paranormal has fascinated me. I continue to deal with hauntings as an adult. I guess this is my subconscious way to understand the afterlife. There are 3 shows on TV that I purposely shut down my computer and plant my ass on the couch to watch – and I rarely watch TV.  I don’t see this addiction ending anytime soon.

*Facebook ~ From the moment I wake up until I go to bed, I’m either on my computer or iPhone, checking facebook multiple times a day. Social media really is a drug, I’m 100% convinced. It all started when I quit my full time job to work from home. I quickly developed a severe case of isolation. My only connection with the outside world was to jump online. Hubby use to make fun of me, until my addiction actually started making us money. Eventually I got so good at it that other people started paying me to head up their social media. Who’s laughing now?

Leggings ~ The stereotype of work-at-home moms that mostly wear leggings every day is true, I’m not ashamed to admit it. They’re comfy, stretchy, easy to wash and make your ass look great. Win, win!

70’s/80’s music ~ Or as the kids call it today, “classic rock.” Meh. Nothing gets my blood pumping more than music I grew up with in the 70’s and idolized as a teen in the 80’s. So many memories are triggered by songs of those two decades that’s it’s always a comfy place to return to, when times were completely different, so simple and music was actually good.

Coach bags ~ I’m not a rich broad, never have been. Throughout my entire life, I’ve always had exactly what I needed, nothing more, nothing less. Yet every once in a while, I get thrown a ‘something pretty’ along the way. I’ve always appreciated the look, feel and smell of a Coach product. Nothing is more beautiful than superior materials and craftsmanship. And sorry Hubby, you’re going to pay a bit extra for it, but I’m worth it. Meow!

Chicago ~ Not sure if you can consider a city an addiction, but it sure is for me. I spent 10 years moving around the country after college, and absolutely relish the experiences I’ve had in every single city. Yet there was something always calling me back to my hometown. I came back for good in ’04, and plan to die a happy woman here. San Francisco, Seattle and London will always have a piece of my heart, but Chicago is my soul.


So what are some of your addictions? Comment on this blog or my facebook page and I’ll give you a number. Let’s keep the game going!


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