20 personal things about a writer, written by a blatant blogger

  1. I’m a skilled horseback rider. I spent multiple summers on a ranch in Wisconsin as a kid.
  2. I’ve been engaged 3 times but only married twice.
  3. My favorite color is blue. I’m a Pisces, go figure.
  4. I grew up in Chicago, but have lived in 4 other cities across the country.
  5. The first 8-track I ever owned was Styx Paradise Theater, the first album I ever owned was Kiss Double Platinum, and the first concert I ever saw was Neil Diamond.
  6. I never wear shorts. I hate the feeling of all that material being shoved up in my crotch because of my ample thighs. I prefer capri’s or leggings.
  7. I’ve never been arrested, but I did once pee outside my car while a cop drove by. I waved.
  8. I read my first Stephen King novel at age 7. It was then that I decided I wanted to be a writer.
  9. I use to suffer from daily panic attacks, until I found an amazing doctor who prescribed an amazing drug to help me cope. I’m proud to say I’ve been med-free and haven’t had an attack in 9 years now.
  10. The TV character I idolize and relate most to is Karen Walker from Will and Grace.
  11. My first professional writing gig was writing for a soap opera.
  12. I’m still great friends with people that I’ve known since I was 8.
  13. In my 20’s, I used the power of my, um, ample bosom to get free cover and free drinks at many, many...many, many clubs. Enough said.
  14. The highlight of my career in Hollywood was talking with Tom Hanks on the phone, Adam Sandler opening a door on my face and hugging Harrison Ford.
  15. Nothing grosses me out more than men who wear flip-flops in public. Keep your snarly, hairy hot mess under socks or closed-toed shoes. Bitch, please!
  16. Growing up in the 80’s, I wanted to BE Molly Ringwald. I would later name my first-born child Molly, in homage.
  17. I hate being on a plane for more that 3 hours. At that point, I tend to get twitchy. Either get me drunk or knock me the fuck out.
  18. My 2 biggest phobias are guns and sharks.
  19. Nothing pisses me off more than stupid people and bad drivers.
  20. Back when Sex And The City was on the air, I dreamed of being Carrie Bradshaw. To have a respected column in a regular publication would be amazing. When I lived in NYC, I would stand at the doors of Conde Nast and drool. I’m no longer in NYC, but I still dream of being Carrie Bradshaw. Maybe one day...


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