The Ghost Amongst Us - A personal story, Part 2

I originally posted this blog last October, but wanted to share it again, because ‘tis the season. If you didn’t read the first post about my childhood experience, you can read it here. This is the follow-up, detailing some of the paranormal activity I’ve experienced as an adult.

The activity started up again without me even realizing it.

About 2 years after helping my husband through a scary bout with testicular cancer, we discovered we were pregnant. It happened sooner than we expected, but we were thrilled to be blessed with a baby. After we found out we were having a boy, we meticulously picked out the perfect furniture (gotta love IKEA), spending more time than humanly necessary putting it together and decorating the room just-right.

This baby was not only what we considered our ‘miracle child’ because of the cancer, but also the baby we both thought would never happen. We both had been married before.  After my divorce, I was convinced that the precious baby girl I had with my ex would be my one and only, and I slowly grew comfortable with that ideal. Hubby’s previous marriage produced no children, much to his disappointment. Before we met, he had given up hope of ever having a child of his own.

We were convinced age would be working against us. I was 37, Hubby was 41. But clearly, happily, we were wrong.

About a month after we brought Dude home, endless feedings around the clock, I began to notice that when I would feed him in his room, sitting in our comfy glider chair, he would look past me and always stare in a specific corner. Eventually, he would stop feeding and just stare and smile, then quickly resume feeding.

Strange, right?

It was only after a few months of this feed-stop-stare-smile pattern that I began to wonder if he really did see something. I mentioned this to my Hubby, who quickly dismissed it. But as a believer, I knew something more was going on. Shortly after his first birthday, Dude was sprinting around the house like a rock star and speaking in broken English. Around that time is when I heard about “the man.” Dude would toddle down the hall from his room and tell me he sees “the man” in the corner of his room. A few nights he would run into our bedroom and tell us “the man” scared him. It was only then did Hubby begin to believe something was really going on.

We started questioning Dude, asking him to describe whom he was seeing. Those attempts were futile. A toddler can only voice so much, and certainly not something he doesn’t understand. Hubby and I ran down the laundry list of members of our family that have passed on. Grandparents on both sides were gone, and Hubby lost his father at 17, so the list was long. But I had a strong feeling that whomever it was meant no harm, and was acting like a curious guardian angel.  Over the next year, after being told of daily sightings of “the man”, Hubby and I narrowed it down to one of two people  - either my paternal grandfather or Hubby’s father. Both were gentle souls in life who probably just wanted to check up on this great/grandchild that thankfully eventually found his way into our families’ lives.  As long as this spirit, whomever he was, wasn’t hurting our kid, we were cool with it.

It wasn’t until a year ago, October of 2011, did we finally find out who was visiting our son.

Being the paranormal geek that I am, Hubby surprised me with tickets to see the Paranormal Cops, who were speaking at the local community college. The presentation was amazing and I couldn’t wait for the meet-and-greet afterwards. I immediately stood in line to meet the Medium that assists the Paranormal Cops on various cases, curious as to what she would tell me. As soon as I began to tell her about our son – even before I could tell her about “the man”, she stopped me in mid-sentence and told me the man visiting our son was an older gentleman, shorter, stocky, glasses, and would always wear a wide-brimmed hat. The hat was a big factor. A specific walk-pattern and way of speaking was described. I was confused at first, then suddenly my Hubby’s face dropped. He knew exactly who that was. She was describing, in perfect detail, my Hubby’s grandfather.

Grandpa Scalzo, Dude’s great-grandfather, was our visitor. I asked the Medium if he was here all the time, watching us (specifically me, when I was home alone – creepy!) She said no, he comes and goes, but primarily stays in Dude’s room, just checking up on him. Woo-sigh. Good to know!

Grandpa has now become a regular part of our family, co-existing pleasantly without any major incidents. He still visits Dude often, creates cold spots in the house to let me know he’s around and likes to change the TV channels on me when I’m alone, his form of Tomfoolery. I never met the man but can appreciate his sense of humor. I ask him to change the channel back, and he will. 6 months ago, early one morning, I woke to the feeling of the mattress on Hubby’s side of the bed rise up and the edge of the bed creak. I turned to say goodbye to my Hubby as I always did, but no one was there. I looked at the clock and realized that Hubby had left for work over an hour ago. All I can chalk that up to is maybe Grandpa was tired and decided to take a nap next to me. Sounds crazy, I know, but didn’t really know who else it would be.

A few weeks ago, I had a friend over to the house for a girl’s night in. Meggan is a bit of a sensitive, having paranormal experiences herself. At one point in the evening, while sitting at the dining room table just bullshitting, she jumped up suddenly and walked into the kitchen, saying she just felt “someone” sit next to her at the table and it caught her off guard. I laughed, telling her it was probably Grandpa, wanting to be a part of the party. After she calmed down and joined me at the table, she described exactly who joined us at the table, and stood behind her at that moment. Senior, short, stocky, glasses, hat.  I had never, ever told her about what he looked like, and there are no pictures of him visible in the house. Yet she described him perfectly.

What I live with now is completely different than my attack as a child. Perhaps my age and education about the afterlife have a bit to do with it, but I actually embrace the communication. It’s comforting to know that the ones we love that have passed on pop in every once in a while to say ‘Hi’.

After the experience I had as a kid, I was always a believer. But after meeting with the Medium, I now had confirmation that there really is more after death, blood is thick and our loved ones never really leave us.

*UPDATE FOR 2013 – The activity has increased since I wrote this blog a year ago. The activity now includes lights turning on by themselves, the television changing channel and volume, and specific smells throughout the house. We find it more humorous than scary and just chalk it up as another way for our loved ones to let us know they’re here.


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