The 30-day sex challenge: Days 17 & 18

Day 17 – The road to Sexyville started with a fight. Well, not necessarily a full blown fight, but rather a “disagreement.”

As we were lying down to bed, Hubby said something stupid. To which I called him on. And then we began the back and forth.

ME: you need to shut up right now.

HUBBY: don’t tell me to shut up woman.

ME: don’t tell me what to do, and you’re talking shit, so shut the hell up.

HUBBY: screw you.

ME: screw you too! UGH!

Then he grabbed me. I pushed away. He kissed me hard on the mouth. I pushed him away. There was no way a single kiss will solve this.

Then he kissed me again. And I began to melt…and then we fell into a fit of laughter. We eventually realized that what we were fighting about was just so….stupid.

It made me realize how many times we’ve allowed insignificant issues get in the way with intimacy. We’re both extremely headstrong people, a fact already known. But it’s only when we allowed this fact to be an issue do we have problems. So we both forgave and chose to forget, allowing the inevitable connection to happen. It was a bit more forceful, on both ends, but equally enjoyable.

I think the fact that we challenge each other is a total aphrodisiac.

Day 18 was more interesting. We were both rested after the weekend.  As soon as we laid down in bed that night, we talked about the days events. We weren’t exactly tired, yet not quite ready to relate. The conversation was surprisingly relaxed. We engaged in small talk. We both encouraged each other while playing silly online games for a bit. We discussed sexy outfits. He knows that I already broke out my best, so I asked where was his?! He answered with “I’m wearing mine.”

He was completely naked.

‘Nuff said. Clearly the ideal of sexy lingerie is a lost cause for some men.  A million dollar industry just shuttered a huge sigh of defeat.  He’s told me many times before that skimpy little outfits are fun, but in the end all he wants is me. In the raw.

Wow, I need to marry this man! Oh wait.......I already did.

When we turned off the lights, we began to gently scratch each other, soft and slow. We mutually explored our skin, the biggest erogenous zone possible. Within minutes, we melted into each other.

No issues, no drama, just us. This felt good. This felt right.

Day 19 to follow, when I Up the kink factor.


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