The 30-day sex challenge: Day 16

So on the 16th day, this happened:

The whole experience was surreal. Waking up at 5 in the morning to get myself “camera ready”, arriving at the studio, being ushered to the Green Room. Spending 45 minutes in the Green Room, shaking in my boots while watching promos of my upcoming segment, the announcer seemingly screaming the words “some crazy blogger writes about 30 days of sex” from the TV. That’s when it became real. That’s when I knew I couldn’t back out. Millions of watchers are expecting to hear my story.

Excuse me while I puke in the gorgeous Green Room toilet.

The staff at the studio were super nice, helping calm my nerves. They even took me across the hallway where the original Bozo Show was taped, which brought back fond memories. I was in the show twice in the 70’s, playing the Bozo Buckets. I lost horribly but it was good fun.

Shortly after, they escorted me to the soundstage where the news is taped. That’s when I began to visibly shake. Hubby tried to calm my soul as best as possible. I chitchatted with the production assistant. As a former P.A., I could relate to him. When they positioned me at the anchor desk, I was thrown off. I originally thought that it would be Robin and me talking alone. So when the rest of the gang stuck around, I knew this could get interesting.

The rest is, well, exactly what you saw. I’d like to say that this is something I can cross off my bucket list, but honestly this never was on my bucket list. Only because I never in my wildest dreams think this could happen to me. And certainly didn’t expect that the topic of sex would ever get me there.

But I am grateful. Now my kid’s kids can look at this and say “look, there’s my crazy grandma when she was on TV!”

Days 17 & 18 coming tomorrow, back to what you want to hear about; successful sex!

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