The 30-day sex challenge: Day 13

For the first time since starting this challenge, I spent the evening alone.

Hubby took Dude on a camping trip for weekend, a bit of daddy/son bonding time. I totally respect this and encourage them to spend as much time together possible. Plus, it’s nice to take a break from each other every once in a while.  And I always get excited when I know I’m going to have the California King bed to myself!

I spent the day shopping and running errands with Little Woman, a bit of mommy/daughter bonding time. Later in the day, a good friend came over and a great bottle of wine was opened. Well, I drank the wine, she just watched. And laughed. Apparently I get very entertaining after a couple glasses of wine.

So when I finally went to bed, I was planning on relishing every single second of being in my delicious bed all alone. But after a few minutes, that’s all I begin to feel – alone. I was surprised at how much I missed Hubby. It made me realize that maybe this challenge really is changing an element of our relationship, that the level of closeness was stronger than I expected at this point.

Total light bulb moment.

I didn’t sleep well that night. Tossed and turned, in that big ole’ bed. All alone. Lonely.

Day 14 coming tomorrow…


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