The 30-day sex challenge: Day 2

I’m beginning to wonder if this project is doomed. Day 1 didn’t really turn out the way I expected. And I wish I could tell you a tale of romance, passion and intimacy that occurred on Day 2, but I can’t.

What I can tell you is a story of a raging head cold.

Hubby came home from work yesterday sneezing, coughing and spewing mucus from every orifice possible.

So not sexy.

I quickly threw him on the couch and pumped liquids and cold meds into him. Within an hour, he was passed out. Snoring and gargling snot. Eventually, I moved him to the bedroom where he remained passed out for the rest of the night.

No Hanky Panky. No Slap n’ Tickle. No Bumping Fuzzies. Nothing.

I spent the night journaling and getting caught up on year old issues of Glamour Magazine, so that's something. I guess. Very ‘Carrie Bradshaw’, circa 1998.

I’m not mad. I can’t blame the guy for getting sick. All I can do his hope for a better, healthier day tomorrow that may, um, rise to the occasion.


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