Peanut, Boo and the Fur: A love story between father and daughter

There once was a girl named Peanut, and she had a Boo.

She loved her Boo more than anyone else. In the formative years, her Boo taught her how to walk, talk, think and laugh. Peanut came to appreciate him as a gentle man who treated her with love and compassion. However, Boo would never hesitate to reprimand Peanut when necessary, teaching her right from wrong. Always with a gentle hand, a kind soul and firm yet resounding words. Peanut and her Boo were two peas in a pod, and life was good.

Then one day, when Peanut was a child, Boo grew fur on his upper lip. At first, Peanut didn’t really notice, until the day when Boo’s fur tickled her face when she kissed him. She giggled and rubbed her lips, uncertain of this new feeling, but loving him still the same. Over time, it became apparent that the fur was there to stay. A part of him. A part of her. A part of them.

Over time, Peanut began to notice that Boo’s fur started changing colors. A few sprouts of grey began popping up, lying quietly amongst the brown fur. But Peanut didn’t mind, because she’d love her Boo no matter what.

When Peanut reached adolescence, she began to study Boo’s face more often, coming to the conclusion that perhaps he would look a bit younger if he removed his fur, which was at this point was equal shades of salt-and-pepper. She would gently propose the idea, only to be shot down each and every time. Eventually, the jokes began.

“Hey Boo, 1975 called, it wants its fur back!”

“Boo, you’ve got some food caught in your ‘stash. Is that a snack for later?!”

For a while, Peanut was relentless, yet Boo refused to budge. And so it was.

Over the next few years, Peanut grew up, moved out and eventually started a small peanut family of her own. Each time Peanut would pop into town, she noticed that Boo’s fur would have a touch more grey sprinkled amongst the brown fur. She realized that as she got older, so did her Boo. Yet she still loved him the same. Even more so now, now that she had little peanuts of her own and needed Boo’s wisdom and advice more than ever.

Time went on, decades would pass, the family grew, life dramas played out and Boo’s fur turned a full shade of grey. Then Boo started in on the jokes.

“I blame you for this, Peanut. And all the other Peanuts that followed you!”

“I wouldn’t be this grey if it weren’t for you Peanut. I’d still be dark, young and handsome.”

His fur had been a part of the family for so long, its existence had become customary. Peanut and Boo's bond continued to remain strong. Two peas in a pod, and life was good.


Then one day….

Peanut paid her Boo a quick visit while she was in the neighborhood. She kissed him hello, as usual, and carried on a full half-hour conversations with him. Eventually, one of Peanut’s baby-sissy Nuggets sitting next to her said “um, don’t you notice anything different?” pointing directly at Boo. She scanned him up and down, completely clueless. Until she eventually glanced at Boo’s gentle face one more time. And then it hit her.

The fur was gone.

Peanut’s jaw dropped, her hands smacked her mouth and she became speechless. For the first time since she was a little girl, she could actually SEE her Boo. No distractions, no fur, just…..him. The impossible had happened, yet Peanut was too blind to see. The questions ensued; Why now, after 30-plus years? What inspired you? How did this happen? Are you ok with this change?!  Boo remained calm and explained that it was just time. No reason, no rhyme, end of story. And so it is.


As Peanut was saying her good-byes and loading her little peanuts into the car, she took a moment to walk up to Boo, touch his face and give him a kiss. This time, there was no expected tickle. It was weird for a moment, yet exciting at the same time. A fresh change, a new start.  However, a part of Peanut mourned for her Boo’s fur, because it had always been a part of him. A part of her. A part of them.

Yet all was right with the world, because Peanut still loves her Boo just the same. They are still two peas in a pod. And life is good.


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