A trip to Europe, with the most unlikely crew.

“Another summer day

Has come and gone away

In Paris and Rome

But I want to go home

Maybe surrounded by

A million people I

Still feel all alone, I want to go home”


I just recently heard these lyrics, eloquently sung by the amazing Blake Shelton, and I couldn’t help but smile. For several reasons.

Mostly, because I’ll actually BE in Paris in 71 days (not that I’m counting), and that alone floats my boat and makes me pee my pants with joy. I had always dreamed of traveling Europe. Ya know, do the whole backpacking thing after college…but that never happened.

Instead, I was lead on another journey that included a career, marriage and kids. It’s all good, and I’m loving every single insane moment of it….but that ‘Europe Thing’ has always been in the back of my head. Like the hangover that won’t go away, that itch that needs to be scratched, that bucket-list item you’re not sure will be fulfilled, no matter how many times you highlight that shit in bright pink marker.

So imagine when that long-lost dream was unsuspectingly handed to you on a silver platter, given to you by the last people on the planet you would expect considering they’ve already given you everything to begin with - my own parents!

The presentation was smooth. My reaction was disbelief, followed by tears, followed by more disbelief, which led to more tears….an endless cycle of sloppy, disgusting thankfulness than most exude in a lifetime.

And here’s the kicker - of all the people I’d want to roam around Europe with, anyone I’d wish to be with me to experience this amazing trip with, will already be with me. This deal includes my mom, dad, all 4 sisters and my hubby, together. Aside from my children, these people are my heart and soul, they have molded me into the person I am today, and I couldn’t imagine a more awesome bunch to hang with.

So Blake, when I hear this song, I smile because when I go to Paris, I will never be alone. My heart has always been there, and I’ll be bringing my heart with me. Two birds, one stone. BOOM!

I’ll never go lonely. And with my family accompanying me, I already have everything I ever need. I may never feel the need to come home again.


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