The sexy side affects of going back to work

I’m just about to complete my 3rd week at my new job. I have to admit, time has gone by quick, which in my book means I must be enjoying myself. The first week was a huge adjustment for myself and the entire family, I already bitched about that in a previous post.  But now, 3 weeks later, I’ve got a few more observations to share.

*I’m still not a morning person. Don’t even fucking talk to me until I see sunlight and have at least one cup of coffee in me. I have a feeling that it’s going to be like this until the day they throw me in the ground, where there is no sunlight and no damn coffee. Meh.

*Commuting once again in Chicago traffic has awakened a side of me that has been dormant for years. I have quickly reverted into the trucker swearing, finger flipping, steering wheel banging, bopping and weaving broad I use to be. And ya know what? It feels damn good.

*In my attempts to look “cute” and “professional” at work, I’ve found myself buying more and more pants with this label plastered on them.  What the hell is this shit? And how did this happen?!

*The fact that there is not a Starbucks close to my office really chaps my khakis. If they only knew that if there was one within walking distance, I would frequent them daily and gladly hand over half my paycheck. Stupid Starbucks. There is, however, a Bar Louie across the street, so that makes up for something.

*Sick co-workers. Today, there was a co-worker that was coughing so hard that she was puking snot and phlegm into her garbage can. Really?!?! I’m sorry, but my rule is that if you are consumed with some plague from the 18th century, don’t come to work – keep your ass home! I don’t want to get sick, because if I get sick, the hubby will get sick, then the kids will get sick, it would be total anarchy. There was not enough sanitizer in the world to make me feel better today.

*The office is so damn quiet most of the time, and when I get writer’s block, I feel guilty about taking a few moments to step away from my cube and think. When I was working from home and reached a brick wall, I could turn on the TV, read a magazine, go for a walk, do laundry or dishes (don’t laugh, it helped), have a glass of wine (can’t do that now), whatever I needed to do to clear my head.  I’m still trying to figure out what, as a writer, I’m allowed to do to achieve release when I need it. Boundaries are always weird to figure out in a new job.

I sound like I’m bitching….yea, I kinda am. But overall, I like the job, and I’m beginning to feel like I have a place and purpose there. And I’m actually using my brain for something other than what Judge Mathis episode to watch and trying to guess which kid took a shadoobie in the sink this time.

Change is tough, and I’m old, so it may take longer than usual. But I’m determined to make this work. God bless everyone involved.

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