A week in the life of a job-hunting mom: The finale

The day of the Big Interview!

7:30 ~ Little Woman kisses me goodbye and is off to school. I then begin the exhausting game of Beat The Clock.

7:31 – 9:30 ~ I scrub my ass, wash my hair, cook breakfast for Dude, apply make-up, dress a very fussy 4-year-old that doesn’t want to get dressed, literally dust off my high heels, fix my hair, print out a copy of my resume, fix my hair, laugh through an episode of SpongeBob while finding a missing shoe, deal with a breakdown because we can’t find our favorite toy to take to pre-school, get a call from Little Woman asking if I can drop off a new pair of pants because the pants she wore to school are “too tight and are hurting my legs” – ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! – drop off Dude at pre-school, peel him off my thigh, kiss him good-bye, fix my hair (again), finish my make-up job in the rear view mirror, hit the road.

9:35~ I am in serious need of caffeine, but no time to stop. I drink the 2-day-old Capri Sun juice box left in my cup holder and half a granola bar I found, just to put something in my stomach.

9:45 - 10:15 ~ I deal with asshats that don’t know how to properly drive in Chicago traffic. After weaving past dozens of cars and many expletives later, I arrive at my destination 30 minutes early.

10:16 ~ I sit in the parking lot, hungry and lacking caffeine. Not a good combo.

10:35 ~ I get stopped twice, first by the parking lot security guard, then the front desk security guard, both interrogating me about who I am, do I work here, where am I going, blahblahblah. Somehow I feel it would be easier to get into the White House, sheesh.

11:00 ~ The interview begins, with the CEO of the company. My anxiety is sky high and I’m convinced I’m starting to stutter. I try to keep my body language relaxed and my answers intelligent. Talking about my experience is easy, but then I get asked the questions I hate: what are my strengths’/weakness'/career goals/what would my references say about me, etc. Like chewing glass, I eventually get through it. He seems responsive, I ask a few questions, we shake hands. Boom. Done.

11:45 ~ In the car on the drive home, chowing on a McDonald’s cheeseburger I know I’m going to regret in an hour, going over the interview in my head. I wish I felt more confident, but I don’t.  My insecurities begin to consume me. I was hoping this process would get easier, but it never does. Meh. I need a drink.

12:30 ~ Home, where I strip off my interview clothes and wait for Little Woman to get home so we can pick up Dude at pre-school. My beloved yoga pants never felt so good. Now I’m comfortable. This is good.

After my week of job-hunting adventures I don’t really know what’s going to happen from here. But I do know that next week, I have to just keep on plugging away. Until I find that “perfect job”, life will go on. I’ve got kids to raise, a household to run and more blogs to write. I’m blessed to have awesome friends who help me keep a sense of humor about everything before I lose my bloody mind. Oh, and wine. Lots and lots of wine!



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