A week in the life of a job-hunting mom: Day 2

7:30 ~ Sometimes, when I actually take the time to plan ahead, I realize what a beautiful thing it is. Take school lunches for example. I actually made Little Woman’s lunch last night and had it in the fridge, just grab and go. Which means I don’t have to leave my warm tomb of fluffy pillows and warm goose down. WINNING! But my smile quickly fades when I remember we still don’t have any damn K-cups. Note to Self: get your lazy ass to the store.

8:00 ~ Dude starts demanding ridiculous things like breakfast. The nerve. The biggest decision of the morning is whether or not to wash my hair for the TV shoot tonight. I jump in the shower not even bothering to close or lock the door. It’s only a matter of minutes before Dude is pulling the shower curtain back a million times and laughing at my floppy bits. I haven’t showered alone since 2002. Meh.

8:30 ~ I go online to peruse the job websites, but keep getting distracted by facebook and twitter. I love my friends, every damn crazy one of ‘em. But STOP IT, I need to focus. I send out a couple of cover letters and resumes, while trying to dress a 4-year-old that doesn’t want to be dressed. His idea of morning entertainment is running around the house, flapping his penis while making helicopter noises.

10:30~ Finally dressed and on the way to pre-school. I’m pissed because my hair is drying weird. Great, I’m going to look like an asshat on camera tonight. I consider shaving it off, but I’m afraid potential employers may frown on a bald chick with tattoos that is severely under-caffeinated.

11:30 ~ My usual Tuesday lunch with my friend Julie, who’s also job hunting. Over wine and burgers (‘cause we’re classy like that), we laugh over the ridiculousness of the whole job-hunting process, while swearing like sailors and ignoring the judgmental looks of questionable men across the bar that are clearly unemployed and have been drinking since 10AM. As if.

2:30 ~ I get a phone call about a job I applied for yesterday. Would I be willing to participate in a group interview this Thursday morning? Um, what? A “group interview”, who the hell does that? So basically they want to corral me into a room like a herd of cattle and make me dance a jig and sing a song to prove my worth? Is this what its come down to at this point in my career? Color me insulted. Um, no thanks. Click.

6:30 ~ Helping my friend shoot some scenes for the TV show Check, Please! More wine and girl talk, this time with a camera in our faces. Awkward but kinda cool. Now if THIS could be my full time job, I would be in Heaven. I can drink wine real well. Like a boss.

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