Trading my cell phone for a dream...whatever the hell that means.

Hubby came home in a weird mood tonight. Not exactly sure how or why, but once he started pacing the kitchen after dinner, I knew something was up. After spending eternity with someone (well, actually it’s only been 7 years but feels so much longer <insert eye roll here>), you get to know his or her body language, facial tics and behavioral patterns very well. However, tonight, he threw me for a loop. And this, coming from Mr. Predictable himself, is a huge feat.

The first thing out of his mouth is would I be willing to give up my cell phone to fulfill a dream?

Now, I consider myself a relatively intelligent and educated woman, but that question completely confused fuck out of me. My only reaction was “um….what?!”

He continued to ask me if I would be willing to give up my beloved iPhone and downgrade to an old fashioned flip-phone if that meant fulfilling a dream. And would I be willing to be tighter with the household budget to see this dream through? Again, having no clue what the hell he’s talking about, my brain immediately turns to my own personal dreams of what I would like to see happen in the near future (meaning between now and death), and they all revolve around money. No, not winning the lottery, but actually earning money from my talents and being appreciated for the artist that I am ~ don’t laugh! This money would be used to make my family’s life better. More comfortable, less stress, extra perks on occasion. Nothing more, nothing less. I honestly wouldn’t know what to do with the ‘more’ part. I’m a middle-class girl from Chicago. It’s what I know, and I make it work.

But back to reality. I’m still confused. Again, the only words I can muster are “um…. what?!” I ask him to explain. He only tells me he has something in the works, so be patient. This scares me even more.

I scratch my head while gently caressing my beloved iPhone in my cleavage, in fear of its safety. I’m not sure who this guy in my kitchen is. He looks a like my Hubby, but…has there been an alien invasion recently? Zombie attack? The impending Apocalypse? Or has he just one-upped me, for a change?

Why yes sir, I accept your challenge. Let’s dance!

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