A bit about Red: Things you never knew you wanted to know

1. I’m an Army brat. I was born on base at Fort Polk, outside of New Orleans.

2. I’ve been engaged three times but only married twice.

3. After college, I lived in 4 different states over 10 years.

4. I would rather have my skin ripped off than go to the dentist.

5. I was 6 years old when I read my first Stephen King novel. I knew then that I wanted to be a writer.

6. I hate sauerkraut more than any other food. Even the smell makes me nauseous.

7. I have 4 scars on my abdomen. 3 from a voluntary surgery, the other from a life-or-death situation.

8. I met my husband on an online dating service. They do work!

9. I’m obsessed with reality shows. The trashier the better.

10. I attended catholic school from K-2nd grade. And hated every single moment.

11.  For my first wedding, I starved myself and lost 25 pounds. For my second, I was 4 months pregnant. Talk about extremes.

12. For this past presidential race, I chose NOT to vote.

13. I wear socks to bed every night. Even during sex.

14. I’m still good friends with people I’ve known since elementary school. If I call you friend, you’re a friend for life.

15. I blogged about my husband’s vasectomy in real time, WHILE it was happening.

16. I find SpongeBob SquarePants completely disgusting yet amazingly entertaining at the same time.

17. I am addicted to collecting journals.

18. I started going grey at 17. Damn genes.

19. I once flashed an entire construction crew on a dare.

20. There are two phobias I plan to overcome before I die: sharks and guns.

21. As a child, I use to show Afghan Hounds in professional dog shows.

22. As a Pisces, I get twitchy if I’m not within 40 miles of a large mass of water.

23. I actually dated a celebrity in L.A. that was on a ‘sex strike’ until he got his next big role. WHAT the WHAT?!

24. I hate cold weather. Yet one of the few places I would ever move to from Chicago is one of the coldest and rainiest. Go figure.

25. I could eat breakfast 24/7. My left foot is bigger than my right, as is my left breast. If I say I love you, that’s forever. I sneeze really loudly. I get cranky when I’m hungry. I wear my heart on my sleeve, yet my security wall is high. I am a dork, don’t ever expect me to be any less. The smell of caramel corn reminds me of my grandmother. Look me in the eyes when you talk to me, I’ll respect you more. My kids mean more to me than my own life. I love a great massage followed by a great pedicure. I love to laugh. Spontaneity excites me. I would quickly get in your face if you ever picked a fight with any of my sisters. I love raw veggies, but only with ranch dip.

This is me, just the tip of the iceberg. Wanna get to know me more? Follow me on facebook or twitter.

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