A day in the life of a work-at-home mom: A pictorial

I’ve experienced both sides of the spectrum; I’ve done the full-time working mom thing and then eventually the work-at-home mom thing. Yet what continually surprises me is how those that don’t wear our shoes everyday are quick to judge. Sure, some think that us WAHM’s are casually floating around the house, eating Bon-Bon’s, ignoring our kids, watching bad TV and working whenever we feel like it. Oh, nothing could be more far from the truth.

Sure, we no longer have to deal with a lengthy commute, bitchy co-workers, bad coffee, crappy pay and shitty bosses. But our workload increases. Ten-fold. As I quickly learned, being a WAHM takes balls, balls I never knew I had. They are glorious and I’m tempted to Bling them out, but I digress…

However, along with this glorious set of balls, I was quickly thrown into the Land of Misconception. Here are 3 slightly different views of the same animal.




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