I’m an American that chooses NOT to vote.

I am an American citizen of sound body and mind, and I choose to implement my right NOT to vote.

I’m sure a lot of you are going to gasp with disbelief, appalled that I would make such a choice, but there is it.  I can almost here your thoughts right now…..”why the hell would she NOT vote?!”

The right to vote is a privilege, not a requirement.

I know that lives have been lost for our freedom, I get that. My family history with the military began long before I was born, and continues today. No one has to educate me to casualties of war. I’ve experienced the aftermath, dealt with the emotional drama, and touched the physical wounds with my own two hands.

I’m an Army brat myself, born on an Army base in Louisiana while my father served in the Vietnam War. My mother was a doting military wife. My husband spent 8 years in the Air Force, faithfully serving during Desert Storm. My brother-in-law recently served a full tour of duty in Iraq and could be deployed again at a moment’s notice. I respect the hell out of these men and appreciate everything they’ve done for this country. This includes the wounds that they have come back with, either physically or emotionally. They have seen and done things I couldn’t even begin to imagine, all for the love of country. All for freedom. And a good portion of that freedom that they fought for is the freedom of choice.

To vote or not. That is a choice I would never squander.

Give me someone to believe in.

The promises thrown around are enough to make you nuts.

‘I’ll do this, I’ll give ya that, I won’t do this and I won’t do that. I’ll give you the stars and take you to the moon and back.’

Ugh, enough! These promises sound fabulous on paper, but much like the vows with my first husband, most people don’t fulfill the promises they make. When wooing a country, they’re willing to say anything to ensure a vote. They tell you what you want to hear, usually more. This is a business, part of showbiz baby, glitz and glamour included. It’s only when we take them up on their offers do they stand there, stroking the tail beneath their legs and looking to others to fill their mouths with the right answers. And then years later, the entire country looks to them for an answer as to what. The. Hell. Happened?!

Accountability is huge in my book. I make a concerted effort to instill these attributes in my own children; say what you mean and do what you say. Nothing more, nothing less. I live it every damn day.  It’s a matter of integrity. I don’t expect perfection, just honesty. And that is an attribute I don’t see much of, especially in politics. These presidential candidates are not plucked off the streets, they have a history. If you promise a perfect world, then I expect you to deliver it. Otherwise, shut the hell up. And respect my reasons NOT to vote for you if you’ve proven you can’t deliver.

Someone recently said to me that if I was confused who to vote for, then just pick the lesser of two evils. Really? Is that what its come down to?! That makes no sense to me, and a decision I don’t have to make. What I can decide to do is continue to be the best mother, wife, daughter and sister possible. I can choose to continue to be a productive member of society and hopefully leave a positive legacy as a writer. These things are real to me, what I can control, what I know is possible.

We’ll see how things go 4 years from now.

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