Stranger Danger

Just 3 weeks into the new school year and it’s already started.

I got the call from my school district earlier this afternoon and my heart stopped. A sense of fear and anger filled my stomach.

This morning, a young girl was walking to the junior high just half-mile from my house when she was approached and grabbed by an unknown man in an attempted child abduction. I immediately thought of Little Woman, who was sitting safe and sound in her 5th grade class. The though of “what if” immediately popped into my head. What if that were her. What if this sicko drove just a few blocks more and saw her standing at the bus stop. What if she wasn’t as lucky as this girl, who managed to get away. The ‘what ifs’ could drive you mad. I didn’t know if I was going to cry or punch something.

Unfortunately, you come to expect these types of phone calls during the 9-month school season. I don’t live in a shell and am fully aware of the types of disturbed people that are out there. Personally, I think kiddie stalkers with intent to harm are the worst and should be shot on site. I joked with Hubby that he should run for mayor and make that happen.

So until that miracle gets pulled off (HA), all I can do is educate Little Woman on how to be aware of her surrounds and what to do incase Stranger Danger comes her way. We have the same talk throughout every school year, because hearing it once is never enough. And she’s always shocked when I give her full permission to punch someone and knee them in the nuts if necessary. Aside from wrapping her in bubble wrap and locking her in her room, that’s all I can do. I won’t allow fear to be her constant companion. Nor mine.

The young girl this morning did the right thing. She screamed, squirmed out of the hands of her assailant and ran to her school, whom immediately called the police. As of 4:00 this afternoon, they had a suspect in custody. All is well in the neighborhood. For now…

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