Rug samples, Relationships and Reality

It’s amazing how a couple of decades can alter your attitude and opinions in life. Like most people, I sometimes look back at what was going on in my life at 21 and now laugh at what I thought was important to me at the time.

 At age 21 ~ As a single gal, the highlight of your Friday night was to spend hours getting pretty for a night out on the town.

At age 41 ~ As a WAHM, you’re lucky to throw on a pair of well-worn yoga pants and brush your hair to hit your local Walmart.


At age 21 ~ You would get butterflies in your stomach when you meet someone special.

At age 41 ~ You get butterflies in your stomach when you find your favorite wine on sale.


At age 21 ~ The biggest decision of the moment would be what drink to order.

At age 41 ~ The biggest decision would be exactly what color and texture you choose to re-carpet the bedrooms from endless rug samples. Sexy, huh?


At age 21 ~ You could eat and drink anything without any remorse.

At age 41 ~ Almost everything you put in your mouth gives you unrelenting heartburn and a raging hangover.


At age 21  ~ You keep your opinions on the down-low, with the hopes that maybe, possibly, you would be heard.

At age 41 ~ You speak your opinion without hesitation, and when questioned, would have the guts to stand up for your voice.


At age 21 ~ You give your hand in marriage, only to have your heart broken and your dreams crushed.

At age 41 ~ Your trust is now hard earned, and every promise given is met with slight hesitation. Having to build walls is difficult for someone with a trusting nature.


At age 21 ~ The man in your life wears the wrong shoes, so you dump him for lack of taste.

At age 41 ~ The man you chose to marry says something stupid, yet you forgive him, because you now know that love isn’t perfect and you made a life-long commitment.


At age 21 ~ Happiness consisted of what others could provide you.

At age 41 ~ Happiness now consists of the joy you bring your children. The hugs, kisses and cuddles received are just the icing on the cake.

I now realize all the pain I went through was just a lesson in strength, my happy moments would become cherished more than I expected and the moments when I was unable to speak my opinion would only help me grow into the independent person I am today.  Still the same person I was 20 years ago yet…..wiser. And that is a good place to be.

So what little nuggets of wisdom did you acquire in the past 20 years?

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