The Pinterest Rebellion

The Pinterest Rebellion

I know at this point that I’m a bit behind everyone else on the planet, and even worse, a dog’s year behind the social media world, but here I am. Hey, it’s not about what time you arrived at the party, it’s all about whether you showed up at all, right? I have to admit, I’ve been purposely been avoiding the whole Pinterest craze, refusing to give in to what I thought was just another social media trend.

I don’t do ‘trends.’ I don’t follow the norm and I certainly don’t do what I’m told nor what is expected of me. That kind of peer pressure crap ended after high school. Plus I don’t really need another time-suck in my life, facebook does the job of that very well, thank you very much. But this seems to be something that won’t. Go. Away! Suddenly it seems that all my facebook and twitter friends are pinning crap and posting it on their walls. I would quickly click through the endless pics of the handmade crap and random food items…and yet I still refused to cave. Until a few items caught my eye. Then curiosity got the best of me.

So I went to the Pinterest home page and filled out all the necessary info, only then to be told my name would be put on the waiting list. WAITING LIST?! What the hell? If I wanted a facebook page, I just built a facebook page, same with twitter. Boom. Done. But now I have to wait for approval? As if my middle class ass requested to join some elitist club I have no business being a part of. As if eyebrows were raised at my application. Ok, now I’m pissed at this Judgy McJudge web site and all its requirements. What’s next, a friggin’ credit check? Blood donation? Drug test? Pshhhhh, please! I slam my computer shut and walk away, refusing to play that game. Perhaps I’m not Pinterest material, which is fine with me. Meh.

3 days later, I get the email welcoming me. Huh, really? I clicked on the link and built my home page, so I now have an official Pinterest page, and not a single thing on it. Why? Because I haven’t taken the time to pin random crap. Because a part of me is still holding out. Because a part of me fears the time-suckage it will create. But most of all, because you can’t make me! NEENERNEENERNEEEEENER!

Oh, and the kicker ~ I’m getting email notices that friends are now starting to follow me. Whaaaaa??? I haven’t pinned anything people, what the hell are you looking at?!?!

Sigh. Ok, hand me a glass of wine and let’s get started…


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    Pinteresting, although it came on very strong and out of nowhere with some fresh and pinteresting ideas. pinterest has fizzled out fast. there has been nothing on there for me since the first week. seems to be pictures of random shit. also pinterest isnt that user friendly.Many times trying to find the information on the "pintresting" idea that caught your eye is a frustrating search. However, I've have made 3 crafts and one drink recipe that i fond on there. I also found a way to clean my microfiber couch that blew my mind. For me pinterest was a time suck with a possibilty of a reward,unlike facebook where you may read some of the most unfiltered and uninteresting random thoughts of the insane.

  • Pin Pinning Interesting what? I too think it's actually funny that people "FOLLOW" me....really means STALKING me.... am I posting things that interest them or are they just nosing about my life - I don't care follow me... or not. The very few people I follow, I chose carefully. Their posts SPEAK (present tense) to me. and I'll keep checking, because I don't NEED to follow anyone. I can do a search for person and stalk those who blocked me on facebook. I can search on a topic and find many pins linked to countless blogs and find more INTERESTING Places than pinterest... so, for me, Pinterest is a bigger, better, more fun and more reading things.. all Good
    and I WON'T be following you - no hurtful intentions, I assure you! <3

  • I agree that the "waiting list" part is weird but pinning is so much fun! I think the draw is the expression of individuality so many Millennials require.

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