So what floats your boat?

So what floats your boat?

In my profession, I get asked all the time “so where do you find your inspiration?” HA! Isn’t that the $10 million dollar question. On the outside, I tend to give these inquisitors an answer that starts with a silent pause, while I gaze into the distance as if in search of the perfect words, finishing up with an intricate portrayal of who I am as an artist and the essence of my work while polishing up my laurels. <insert sarcasm here> But on the inside, my honest answer is “ppsshhhh, hell if I know!”

Like most writers, I sometimes find myself in a huge mental block to the point where I want to scream and throw my MacBook across the room. Until…until that one amazing idea hits me and I can’t stop my fingers from flying off the keyboard. The shit just seems to write itself. No effort, no thought, it just….happens. I don’t fight it, I don’t try to change the process, I just let it happen. It’s a beautiful thing.

Anything could set me off at any moment.

*My kids could do or say something that will resonate.

*I could read something online that strikes a nerve.

*Someone may post something on facebook that will get the juices flowing.

*I may be flipping through the one of many magazines I subscribe to when a story or visual will inspire me.

*A song may pop up on the radio that may bring back a flood of memories – BOOM!

Hell, I could be driving to my local Walgreens when an idea hits. Goes to show, ya never know.  From time to time, I’ll turn to my friends on facebook or twitter, asking them for their opinion on what I should write about next. Most responses range from the thought provoking to the absolutely absurd. My friend Tom actually suggested that I write about “female sexuality in the new age” and “assuming a more dominant role in the bedroom.” These two sentences alone made me shoot coffee out of my nose when I read them. I love Tom, I’ve known him since grade school, but he’s clearly not aware of the type of writing I do. I’m a 40 year-old work-at-home mother of 2 rambunctious kids, married to a high maintenance husband and drowning in a house full of dirty laundry, messy floors, never ending dishes and a pain in the ass dog. At the end of the day, I barely have the energy to engage in the actual act, much less write about it. It’s not my forte, not what my readers expect of me. I am the complete opposite of everything sexy, I don’t live the life of a rock star. I joked with him that I should write about that exact topic, throw my readers for a loop, haha.

But after thinking about it some more, I believe Tom gave me the perfect solution to my writer’s block problem. Perhaps I need to step outside the box and write about something I’ve never tried before. Maybe I need to shake things up and explore other ideas.

Inspiration? Oh hell yea, it surrounds me every single day. I just need to slow down and let it do it’s magic. Now if you’ll excuse me, my fingers are suddenly flying off the keyboard…time to go to work!

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