How to make the most of your Vertigo experience

Hi Kids! Today I’m going to talk about the questionable and oh-so scary experience of suffering your first Vertigo experience. These are just tips and pointers that I feel will make the most of this event. And no, I’m not just a writer reporting on this phenomenon, I’m an actual survivor! <standing with my palm... Read more »

A second chance to begin again

I don’t have many regrets in life. But there are so many things in my past that, for some reason or another, I gave up on. Allowed them to fall to the wayside. Or completely out of my life all together. Nothing monumental, of course. I didn’t have world domination and hopes of becoming royalty... Read more »

My future college career, on the other end of the desk

A while back, wrote a blog about mental constipation and the ability to influence others. If you missed that one, you can find it here. Long story short, my local college made a call-to-arms, for the best and brightest in their field. I attended the informational seminar. They were looking for rock stars that could... Read more »

A typical week in my life, from a Starbucks Barista’s POV

  There are certain people in your life that know you better than anyone else. More than your family. More than your best friends. More than your neighbors. These are people that have a clear insight to your daily life more than most. They are more keen than your therapist, more aware than your own... Read more »

An open letter to my kids, trying to explain the world

Dear Babies, I feel like I owe you an apology for what this world has turned into. I never expected all this tragedy to occur, and certainly never chose for you to live in the detritus. The world you live in now is so different then what I grew up in, and for that, I’m... Read more »

The metamorphosis of a Mama

I’m not really sure what is going on, but something is definitely happening. I get in these moods every so often, yet I’m always shocked when it happens. It’s like my Hubby always says: “ I can be having a conversation with you about one topic, then you take a complete left turn and start... Read more »

The 8 most asked questions I get as a blogger

For whatever reason, I’ve recently been bombarded with questions, from both my readers and the media, about where I came from, who the hell I think I am, and exactly where I plan to go in the future. Rather then answer all these inquiries separately, why not kill 8 birds with one stone. So here... Read more »

10 wonderful and sucky things about summer break

Wednesday was my kid’s last day of school, and I’m not sure if I want to throw a party or go running from the damn house screaming. Seriously, this is the most bipolar time in a mama’s life. We want to high-five ourselves for surviving the last 9 months, all while dreading a summer filled... Read more »

Advice to my bullied daughter, from your previously bullied mom

I spent a majority of my childhood being bullied. I was the less-than-attractive kid that was socially awkward and painfully shy. I physically didn’t develop until much later than my friends. I was involved in band, drama club and choir. I chose to dress in what was considered “new wave” at the time. At home,... Read more »

To cream, or not to cream: that is the question

Dearly beloved, I’m a bit late to join the bandwagon, but I prefer it that way. I’d much rather consider it being fashionably late to the afterparty. Last week we lost Prince, which made me feel so many feels that I couldn’t form words into a cohesive sentence to describe how this affected my life.... Read more »