Working my way to the top: A history of crummy jobs

Growing older sucks. I’m not going to sugar coat that shit because we all know it’s true. Our bodies start to fail us, our memory slowly leaves us, and all attempts to understand the human condition completely exhausts us. I usually end the day by looking around and saying What. The. Fuck. But ya know... Read more »

5 different faces of the back-to-school mom

If you’re a parent, then you know them. You’ve seen them up close. Within the first couple of days, you’ve sized them up to a tee and have based your entire relationship around them in exactly that short amount of time. It’s almost like dating – but with toddlers. 4 days into the Dude’s kindergarten... Read more »

Back to school means Mama has a breakdown

I just lost my shit. Completely fell apart in front of Dude. Today was supply drop off day, which gave him a few minutes to see his classroom and meet his new teacher. His teacher gave us a note to read at bedtime, about going to bed on time, have sweet dreams, and wake refreshed... Read more »

The legacy of Robin Williams, in my own mind

I first saw him in 1979, on a show that I watched on the regular. That show was Happy Days. Then shortly after, he had his own show, Mork & Mindy. I watched every episode with a passion. There was something about this guy that hooked me in. Then, in August of ’82, my dad... Read more »

How to explain the definition of a relationship with a pre-teen

This morning, Little Woman came to me in the kitchen with a smile on her face. My first thought was OH CRAP, WHAT NOW?! Most of us parents know that if our kids are eerily silent or smiling for no reason, they’re up to no good. And this never changes, no matter how old they... Read more »

An epic moment, 25 years in the making

This Sunday, the most epic moment will happen. To try to explain my feelings at this point are incomprehensible. Once I learned that this moment may happen, I was initially filled with excitement.  But that moment quickly filled with questions, doubt, angst, and worst of all, depression. I didn’t expect this reaction. I’ve always been... Read more »

The top 10 things I miss the most

I tried to narrow this topic down to just one person, place or thing, but found it impossible. There are several things I miss at this point in my life, and all deserve recognition. Everything on this list may not relate to one another, so bare with me while I go a bit bipolar. *I... Read more »

Apparently in my house, the sex never ends

So last fall I had the whole 30-day sex challenge going on, and it was fun and stuff…them I’m on the WGN Morning News talking about this whole thing…and they loved me so much that they asked me back a month later, yet this time bring “the pervert”, as Larry Potash called him. So I... Read more »

A note about judgment

Before you set opinions of one’s actions, perhaps you should ask questions first. Before you listen to the opinions of others, perhaps you should go to the source face-to-face, learn the real truth. What you think is reality may be far from the truth. Take the time to understand the situation. No one is above... Read more »

The art of being imperfect

  It all started with this. I happen to come across a picture of the beautiful Christina Hendricks and became enamored. Her beauty overwhelmed me. But more importantly, I could relate to her. As an artist, I found this picture of Christina absolutely stunning. As a woman, seeing a voluptuous woman represented on a major... Read more »
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