Hazelden Betty Ford Clinic? Mega-rehab to be created through proposed merger

This blog is focused on the news, the views and the attitudes from around the world about the taboo topic of addiction.   The Recovery Gazette collects stories about alcoholism and addiction as they are reported from the remote prefectures of China all the way to Chicago, USA. The fundamental question: How are other nations, communities, families and individuals dealing with this disease that seems to baffle us all?

 Today's Posts:

Minnesota's Star Tribune reports on the announced merger of the Betty Ford Clinic and Hazelden--Interesting article that summarizes the official releases of both organizations. Evidently, the merger is partly in response to the upcoming Affordable Care Act. If approved,  the combination of the two world-renowned facilities will make for the nation's largest non-profit addiction treatment center.

Stephen King talks about his sobriety and how it impacted his new novel --This is in-depth article from the UK's Guardian newspaper where King talks about his intervention in the 80s and how he used his experience as a drunk dad to develop the character of Danny in his new novel. Yep, that's little Danny from the The Shinning. He is all grown up and isn't too great in King's new book, Doctor Sleep.

Rough living in Paradise: A growing number of Westerners are being forced to sleep rough on the streets of Thailand -- This article from International Business Times, reports that the Issarachon Foundation, a homelessness charity based in Bangkok, recently estimated that there could be as many as 200 western foreigners living rough across Thailand. It is interesting to see how this country views the impact of alcoholic expats.

Fighting meth addiction with hard drugs in Thailand - Justice Minister from Thailand promotes use of  kratom," a leafy jungle stimulant", that is believed to help users kick their habit. This article  compares their policies and the US policies in the use of the leaf . Their Justice Minister, Chaikasem Nitsiri, is pushing senior officials to end a 70-year-old ban in his country.







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