Seven major celebs discuss addiction and rehab + Lindsay's Interview

Seven major celebs discuss addiction and rehab
Lindsey Lohan hit the airwaves last night on Oprah, so the The Daily Beast compiled interviews of some other major stars who have gone public about their own battles with addiction. Interveiwed are Charlie Sheen, Drew Barrymore, Robert Downey Jr., Amy Winehouse, Robin Williams, Demi Lovato and Matthew Perry – true, it feels a bit erie watching Amy's interview, but the article and interviews are fascinating nonetheless. Here's an excerpt from Lindsay's interview with Oprah - Lindsay's out of rehab four days and has agreed to do a docu-series capturing her struggles for long term sobriety and rebuilding her career.

Gov. Quinn creates task force to help address heroin in Ill. high schools
A serious influx of heroin related arrests and overdose prompted lawmakers to create the state-wide task force last week.  State-wide, heroin use has become a major issue. See a report from KFVS/Heartleand News in Carterville.  Chicago's suburbs are dealing with they call an epidemic in heroin use: Click here for more.

Punjab, India: Chief Minister set to strengthen detox centers in its jails
Interesting article on how officials in Punjab India is dealing with the newly incarcerated.

Two community advocates stand up in Poughkeepsie
I thought I'd share  fantastic OpEd piece written by two local advocates on addiction prevention. Addiction has hit the east coast hard in recent years and this piece really captures some jarring statistics about the epidemic and about how the stigma of addiction impact their communities. Plus, I like saying Poughkeepsie.

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