Mephedrone, or Meow Meow, skyrockets as drug of choice for teens in Wales

This blog is focused on the news, the views and the attitudes from around the world about the taboo topic of addiction.   The Recovery Gazette  collects stories about alcoholism and addiction as they are reported from the remote prefectures of China all the way to Chicago, USA. The fundamental question: How are other nations, communities, families and individuals dealing with this disease that seems to baffle us?

Today's top news stories:


Killer mephedrone retains the image of a “fun” drug in Wales-- Mephedrone, a synthetic stimulant, is seriously having an impact on teens in Wales and other communities in the U.K. In fact, one  alcohol and drug hotline has seen an increase of more than eight hundred percent in calls related to the substance.  Find out more about Mephedrone here.


Staten Island saw one prescription painkiller overdose death roughly every nine days in 2011--Recovery advocates in Staten Island, N.Y. look to gain community support for the viewing of “The Anonymous People” in order to elevate the prescription drug problem in their community. The documentary is said to focus on the stigma of addiction more than anything else. Find out more about the movie including screening information here. In Chicago, you can see it at Webster Place on September 23.


University in Hyderabad, India, initiates strong anti-drinking policies after students fatal fall – This article, from The Hindu, discusses alcohol abuse among students. It is an interesting look at how the college community is coping with the loss of a talented student, and what measures they are creating to try to prevent alcohol related accidents in the future. Here is the  report about the fatal accident. See a map and learn more about Hyderabad, India here.


Recovering doctor now heals others as he resumes private practice after rehab – Here is a truly heartwarming story about a doctor from North Carolina who overcame the deadliest part of the disease of alcoholism: DENIAL.


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