HOW WE GET HOOKED: study shows physical changes that underlie the progression to alcoholism

This blog is focused on the news, the views and the attitudes from around the world about the taboo topic of addiction.   The Recovery Gazette collects stories about alcoholism and addiction as they are reported from the remote prefectures of China all the way to Chicago, USA. The fundamental question: How are other nations, communities, families and individuals dealing with this disease that seems to baffle us all?


 Today's Posts:


HOW WE GET HOOKED: study shows physical changes that underlie the progression to alcoholism - Article from the Oregonian reports that researchers are better understanding how heavy, chronic drinking physiologically affects brain function and leads to alcoholism. Learn more about the study.


Jackson family wrongful death lawsuit against AEG continues on, expert says, "Michael was an addict" - I guess a company ignoring someone's active addiction, or medical and mental condition, isn't going fly anymore, or, at least with the Jackson family. Question: If a Dr. Feelgood is in jail for the manslaughter of a man because he fed a known addict the drugs that killed him, is the employer that hired the Dr. Feelgood to care for the addict liable?


Alcohol a growing problem in Southeast Europe- But Europeans know how to drink right, right?  Well, according the World Health Organization, and the article: overconsumption of alcohol in Europe causes 1 in 7 deaths in men ages 15 to 64 and 1 in 13 deaths in women. Hmmmm. Guess they are like the rest of us--not a breaking news story--so now what? This article shows what their community is up against and their approach.


Sober alcoholic, counselor and jiu-jitsu competitor prepares for world championship - This former homeless alcoholic's story is an uplifting testament to rediscovering your path, taking action and changing.  LOVE IT!



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