But, I’ve never seen you drunk. Are you sure you’re an alcoholic?

This blog is focused on the news, the views and the attitudes from around the world about the taboo topic of addiction.   The Recovery Gazette collects stories about alcoholism and addiction as they are reported from the remote prefectures of China all the way to Chicago, USA. The fundamental question: How are other nations, communities, families and individuals dealing with this disease that seems to baffle us all?


Today's posts:


But, I’ve never seen you drunk. Are you sure you’re an alcoholic?  - This is a great  OpEd piece from the Walla Walla Bulletin. Written by Kathy Ketcham, a published author and a co-founder of a rehab center in the state of Washington, the article illustrates disease progression really well. Yep, that is Walla Walla, Washington.


A growing number prescription abusers are turning to heroin, study says. - This article, from Petoskey, Mich., discusses the uptick in heroin use as many Americans succumb to it as an alternative to their prescription drug addiction. With a focus on the Northwest part of state, the article also  includes statistics on this troubling nationwide trend that are based on a recent  report  published by SAMSHA.


Six days sober, Mike Tyson talks openly and honestly about being an alcoholic -- This video is somewhat disturbing as Mike admits he has been lying about his sobriety and discusses where he is at; saying at one point that he is on the verge of dying from alcoholism. However, the boxer's honesty is endearing and the audience applauds do I.


National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Funds New UCLA Clinical Trial of MediciNova's MN-166 in Treating Alcoholism -Warning: this post has  A LOT  of medical and technical terminology. I wanted to share it though, because of the trial's aim in treating alcoholism and because of  the fact that these scientists have been able to take the drug to the clinical trial stage which is fascinating to me. Fast facts from this article/release: 18 Million are suffering from alcoholism today in the U.S. The economic cost of excessive drinking in the U.S. was recently estimated at $223.5 billion per year.


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