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This blog is focused on the news, the views and the attitudes from around the world as people report about the taboo topic of addiction.  On occasion, I will report on a topic of interest and your input will most likely influence what I cover. So, I invite you, dear reader and fellow seeker, to please share your thoughts. Is there something you’d like to know more about? Like, what the heck is a black out anyway? How will the recent changes in our nation’s health care insurance impact access to recovery and rehabilitation services? I don't know; let's find out.


So, why this blog, Recovery Gazette? Why this topic? Not so long ago, Alcoholism and Addiction impacted my life. Being the curious, youngish woman that I am, I began to cull through the vast amount of information regarding the subject. I was (and am) amazed at how little I knew about the advances in addiction studies, medicine, pharmaceutical achievements and policy decisions we humans are making here in the United States and around the world regarding Alcoholism and Addiction. Worse, I believed the hype, the myth and the stigma attached to this chronic, progressive and often fatal malady. Furthermore, I was totally bowled over by how many different areas of our civilization this disease touches: our prison system, public health, our workforce, our play, our roadways, our medical systems, our laws, our foster care systems, our…well, the list is nearly endless.  So, my journey of discovery began.


I want to share with you what I have found, and continue to find, through the articles I read on this complex and perplexing social problem, medical epidemic, and personal disease. The fundamental question that I will explore with you is: How are other nations, communities, families and the individuals dealing with this illness that seems to baffle us all from some remote prefecture to Chicago, USA?


Read the article synopsis, if you are interested click on a link and see where it takes you, whether that’s India or Indiana. Share with us if you like. This can be our space to start a conversation about Alcoholism and Addiction.

Let's get started...

In the link below is an interesting news report on alcohol abuse in France. It touches on illegal prescription use as well. This is a small article with a video news report...everything is in English. Here is the link and orginal post:
Alcoholism becoming a social problem in France
Press TV
French experts say alcoholism is becoming a widespread social problem due to the country's deepening economic crisis. Doctors in France are facing an alarming rise in the number of alcohol related deaths. They say alcoholism is claiming 100 lives every ...
The  Kashmir Times, Indian Subcontinent, reports that an organization is holding camp on drug addiction in order to create awareness about addiction. Here is the link and orginal post:
 NDF holds awareness camp on Drug Addiction
Kashmir Times
RAJOURI, July 6: National Development Foundation, NDF organized an awareness camp on Drug addiction under targeted intervention programme for Intravenous Drug users in collaboration with J&K State AIDS Prevention and Control Society at Sports ...
This story comes to us from an area of  United States that has been decimated by prescription drug abuse. The article also touches on a recent report on women and prescription drug overdose that was published by the Center for Disease Control, CDC:
Women join forces to target addiction
Huntington Herald Dispatch
KENOVA -- Recent overdose deaths from two Kenova women in their 30s have prompted moms, grandmothers and teen girls to join forces for a grassroots effort to target addiction in the Ceredo and Kenova communities. About a dozen people met at Virginia ...
Here is personal story of recovery. Meredith Phillips, from the US show Bachelorette, discusses her experience on the show and what her life was like during her active addiction, and how she is doing now:
Former 'Bachelorette' Star Meredith Phillips Opens Up About Battle With ...
ABC News
Meredith Phillips, a former star of ABC's "The Bachelorette," opened up in an interview with "Good Morning America" about her battle with alcoholism -- a problem that she said spiraled out of control -- and about why she chose to turn her life around.


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