B.C. Coroner Service reports Montieth died of heroin, alcohol mix; overdose fatalities reported in U.S. up for eleventh year in a row

It was announced yesterday that 'Glee' star Cory Monteith did, in fact, die from overdose. The toxicology report showed that the Canadian-born actor died of "a mixed drug toxicity, involving heroin and alcohol," the British Columbia Coroners Service announced Tuesday. Montieth turned 31 in May.

Unfortunately we, as a global community, lose talented people to overdose every day. For instance, in a letter  published earlier this year, the National Center for Health Statistics, said that 38,329 people died of drug overdoses in the United States in 2010. In fact, fatal overdose is up for the eleventh year in a row. Read the abstract here.

Why heavy drug users are at higher risk of overdose after detox --Interesting article published by USA Today on why Monteith may have been more at risk for an overdose from heroin use after getting clean at rehab.

However, many people who do survive the disease of addiction are able to lead full and productive lives. Although relapse is frequent in the recoverying addict community and is, therefore, a serious issue for this community, relapse can give one a better understanding of the unique issues they face and what areas need to be worked on for one's sobriety. People seeking remission must create sober habits and coping skills that will, over time and practice, overcome the dangerous addictive habits that can (and do) lead to fatality.

Sadly, we will not enjoy all of the gifts that this promising young actor, Cory Montieth, was sure to bring to the world through the characters he could have played or the contribution he could have made in the life he may have led. An untimely death like his is a loss to us all. His determination to address his substance abuse issues earlier this year was a testament to his courage to address his disease and seek another way of living--sober living.

Find out more about developing a relapse prevention plan here, or check out the AWARE questionnaire.

RIP Cory Montieth! You will be missed.

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