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UN Disabilities Treaty, The ADA and Republican Senators, what do they have in common?

I am watching The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell and I am suddenly saddened by the republicans in the Senate. “They have dishonored us and the United States.” Why do you ask did Lawrence say this? Well, on the Senate floor was a ratification to the UN Disabilities Treaty.┬áSimple enough, yes or no, depending on... Read more »

Hanging Chad of 2012: Email or Fax your vote in today New Jersey!!!

So, New Jersey has elected to let those that have power (electricity) to email or fax their votes in for the 2012 Presidential Election. I am sorry but WTF were they thinking when they decided this was ok?!?! How many of you get a fax that is garbled and just toss it away? How many... Read more »