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Thank You America! FOUR MORE YEARS!!!

Today I spent an hour, from the time I got in line at my polling place to the time I put my ballot in the machine, to vote this morning! I made sure that I was at the poll at the ass crack of dawn to make my vote heard! The poll opened late, hmmmm,... Read more »

Hanging Chad of 2012: Email or Fax your vote in today New Jersey!!!

So, New Jersey has elected to let those that have power (electricity) to email or fax their votes in for the 2012 Presidential Election. I am sorry but WTF were they thinking when they decided this was ok?!?! How many of you get a fax that is garbled and just toss it away? How many... Read more »

Voter Fraud, Florida Ballots, Sarah Silverman and Samuel Jackson: What Do They All Have In Common

This is for all my political followers, mostly the Democrats and those voting for Obama this year. I just realized 3 big things so far: 1) Voter Fraud is 2012′s chad!!! Remember 2000? Yup, that is how Bush won was that stupid hanging chad! 2) Florida voting ballots are definitely a way of making the... Read more »

Ignorance, Tolerance and the Oreo Cookie

*SMFH* I woke up today thinking this was going to be a great day. My diet so far seems to be working, even though I have only lost a pound since seeing the doctor last week I am feeling physically great! I am almost done with physical therapy for my arches that were just shy... Read more »

Joe Ricketts Is Planning To "Destroy" Obama?!?!

I have been getting calls from my fellow Obama voters that Joe Ricketts, the head of the family who bought the Cubs back in 2009 from the Chicago Tribune Company, has spent $10 million dollars to research and produce ads in which they link Obama to Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. We have already seen... Read more »