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Thank You America! FOUR MORE YEARS!!!

Today I spent an hour, from the time I got in line at my polling place to the time I put my ballot in the machine, to vote this morning! I made sure that I was at the poll at the ass crack of dawn to make my vote heard! The poll opened late, hmmmm,... Read more »

What does the reversal of Obamacare mean to you? EVERYTHING!

With the Supreme Court ruling on the health care plan, which was passed by Congress and signed into law back on March 23, 2010, we have a huge situation about to hit the fan. For those of you that do not care about insurance there is a reason this law came about. Think about every... Read more »

Mitt Romney Hazes "Gay Boy" While In High School

I just got a phone call from a very good friend, Ed, that I exchange political discussions with on a daily basis. Ed and I side with the same political beliefs though he is a Democrat and I am Green Party. He just informed me of a breaking news story about Mitt Romney having hazed... Read more »