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Greek Chicken Wrap W/Lemon Basil Pasta Salad

What can you do with the leftover Greek Chicken from the other night?? This is easy! Makes some homemade Tzatziki sauce, grab some spinach or whole wheat tortilla wraps (or you can use whole wheat pita pockets), shredded romaine or a handful of mixed greens, some thinly sliced tomatoes, red onions and wrap. Serve with... Read more »

Greek Chicken Recipe (or Lamb Chops)

Spring is in the air and that means some of you might have already dusted off the grills that were put away last fall unless you are like my family and never put the thing away and grill all year long even in two feet of snow. This time of year is also when I... Read more »

Chicken Breast with Caramelized Pearl Onions

I am starting to experiment with cooking lately. A lot of it is due to lack of time but the need to eat and other times it is because i am tired of making my favorite things. This recipe I came up with after having shopped at Aldi. Who knew you could go shopping there... Read more »

Kabobs, it's whats on the grill (or in the oven)

Kabobs, it's whats on the grill (or in the oven)
OK, so when Luke and I went to his brothers last weekend I got to experience the Butcher!  I capitalize this because this place was no ordinary store, this was like a meat lovers paradise!  Imbodens is by far the best Butchers since the old school shop closed 20 years ago in Edgewater!  Anyone who... Read more »

Want to know what to do with a whole chicken? Greek it!

Want to know what to do with a whole chicken? Greek it!
Yesterday while doing my usual shopping for lunch and dinner I decided to buy a whole chicken.  I went with the intentions of buying bone-in chicken breasts to make little pocket meals (blog another time) and when I saw the prices i was like eff that.  So for $5.50 I bought a whole Purdue chicken... Read more »

4 heads are better then 1

So a few years ago my boyfriend, Luke, and I attempted to make what is called 40 cloves of garlic with Chicken.  Let’s just say it was rough trying to be in the house with the lingering odor but you would not see a vampire within 10 yards of my apartment.  Needless to say we... Read more »

Its been a long time...Blah blah blah, just cook it!

I know it has been a while since I last blogged anything so I am going to tell you about the lasagna I made for game night.  the rest of the items shall be posted in their own blog. So every month my best friend Corey hosts Game Night with his Roommate Marcos.  As the... Read more »

A Tisket, A Tasket, a Leg of Lamb Was In My Basket!!

Yes, it was Easter yesterday and this usually means lamb is for dinner. Ham was always my favorite meat for Easter until one year my dad would make it for dinner every Sunday when his best friend John would come over.  After awhile John piped up and said “Ever notice we always have ham and... Read more »

Lamb Chops, Its Whats For Dinner

Wow, this is my first blog about my cooking and I am super excited to share it with so many of you here in Chicago.  I have been cooking on my own for quite some time now as an adult, but the learning has been an ongoing process, like they say you can never stop... Read more »