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Holidays Without The Family: How I am Learning To Cope With Their Move

Today we were asked who inspires you to write your blog and it brought a tears to my eyes as I tried to write it. My parents are who inspire me to write, they have been the pencil that sketched out who I am today, and I thank them for that. My father has taught... Read more »

UN Disabilities Treaty, The ADA and Republican Senators, what do they have in common?

I am watching The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell and I am suddenly saddened by the republicans in the Senate. “They have dishonored us and the United States.” Why do you ask did Lawrence say this? Well, on the Senate floor was a ratification to the UN Disabilities Treaty. Simple enough, yes or no, depending on... Read more »

Reasons to be THANKFUL this Thanksgiving

Today is the day that we give thanks. What is it that we give thanks for? From history it tells us that the Pilgrims gave thanks for the bountiful harvest they received and for the Native Americans for helping them so they could survive through the winter. Well, it is 2012 and I am thankful... Read more »

Thank You America! FOUR MORE YEARS!!!

Today I spent an hour, from the time I got in line at my polling place to the time I put my ballot in the machine, to vote this morning! I made sure that I was at the poll at the ass crack of dawn to make my vote heard! The poll opened late, hmmmm,... Read more »

Did Ryan Commit Voter Fraud? You be the Judge and Jury, but I say YES!!!

So today, after having spent an hour trying to vote, I hear that on the Daily Kos that Ryan committed VOTER FRAUD!!! They have video of him showing his kids how to fill out the ballot and vote. According to the Wisconsin statues, 12.13 relates to voter fraud. It states the following: 12.13  Election fraud.... Read more »

Hanging Chad of 2012: Email or Fax your vote in today New Jersey!!!

So, New Jersey has elected to let those that have power (electricity) to email or fax their votes in for the 2012 Presidential Election. I am sorry but WTF were they thinking when they decided this was ok?!?! How many of you get a fax that is garbled and just toss it away? How many... Read more »

Voter Fraud, Florida Ballots, Sarah Silverman and Samuel Jackson: What Do They All Have In Common

This is for all my political followers, mostly the Democrats and those voting for Obama this year. I just realized 3 big things so far: 1) Voter Fraud is 2012’s chad!!! Remember 2000? Yup, that is how Bush won was that stupid hanging chad! 2) Florida voting ballots are definitely a way of making the... Read more »

Green Bay Packers Lose The Game?

OMFG! The Packers have got to say something about this tomorrow! The officiating in this game was beyond AWFUL! The fact that they gave this guy the touchdown in the end of the game is fucking ridiculous! There needs to be a recall on the score in this game and the books corrected! The fucking... Read more »

Chicken and Zucchini Tacos With Seasoned Rice And Black Beans

Today’s recipe was concocted while I was grocery shopping on Monday for vegetables to make a pasta salad. I had a zucchini squash left and thought I would slice it up with some onions for tacos. Top them with some cheese and salsa and you have a meal for the evening. After I tweeted the... Read more »

I Was Picked On By Bullies

When I was growing up we did not have a lot. We wore hand-me-downs, things bought at the thrift store or the Salvation Army, wore Payless shoes, food was not what others had most times. We ate things like beef tongue, frog legs, deer meat, rabbit, squirrel, raccoon, possum, and various fowl. We did have... Read more »