I'm Turning 40 Soon, And I'm Not FREAKING OUT?!?!

I'm Turning 40 Soon, And I'm Not FREAKING OUT?!?!

Some people I know are freaking out as they are getting close to their 30's, a few I know are doing the same as they get ready to turn 40. They complain about not fulfilling some nonsense item on their list of things to do before turning whatever decade it will be.

Some said they wanted to celebrate their new decade at the Magic Kingdom because you get to go for free, others want to spend their Dirty Thirty playing the Bad Girl/Boy in Las Vegas, a few have wanted to kick back and have the musical entertainments of Nashville, New York's Theater Scene, or the wonders that is New Orleans.

As I sit on the train writing this I wonder why I'm not freaking out as I get ready to turn 40. I remember when I turned 30 and how I went all out on making sure I had the right location, the right food, knew the right people, and that no matter what that I had a good time, even if that meant going home alone and drunk. I had a lot of fun, was two sheets to the wind drunk, and of course I went home alone. I know I woke up the next morning and it felt like any other day before I turned 30, so I reacted the same the rest of the year like I have the past 9.95 years since, like it was another day in the life of Brandi.

I have tried the whole list thing, but there is only one thing that will always stand out the most. I can sit here and list out all the movies, restaurants, cities, countries, books, stage productions, concerts, or architectural things I'd like to do before turning whatever significant decade I will be turning, but why set myself up for disappointment?

We all know about that ugly bitch Cancer that I had to deal with before I turned 39, so how could I possibly complete any such list while I was fighting all the bullshit that followed the the initial surgery? Pretty impossible, especially when I am a self employed contract employee depending on myself with the help of my sister.

I know I'm not the only one in the world that feels this way, but amongst the core group of people I surround myself with, I feel as though I'm the only one that doesn't give a shit about what happens with my life so long as I've tried to make a difference in the world. Whether I succeed at it is a whole other story.

But for now don't worry, I AM NOT freaking out, yet.

Chow For Now~

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  • Happy fabulous birthday wonderful lady! XOXO

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