Dear Vegetarians: I will continue to eat tasty animals

Dear Vegetarians: I will continue to eat tasty animals

I am sure that I am not the only warm blooded human being to fight for against animal cruelty. Growing up my family did what we could. Our second cat was given to us by one of my mom’s co-workers whose boyfriend had abused it. We would donate food and other items to Tree House, who happened to help me when I needed to find a vet for my kitty Winter when she needed to be spayed. Also, Winter was a rescued cat I got the family to take in when I was 14, a freshman in high school. She was a sad looking kitten, roaming the streets of a small town in Wisconsin; we were up there for thanksgiving and the opening of deer season. My sister, mom, and I were in town doing laundry and headed over to the local IGA store to kill some time, and that is when I found Winter and asked my mom if we could buy her a can of food. Ever since then I had been called Elmira, the crazy animal obsessed character form Animaniacs. I have dedicated time, money, and my home to animals in need. Two of my cats were given to be rather than a shelter, and I am sure that if I ever have any others they will come from the alley.

Today, a person I thought was a friend drew the straw broke this camel’s back when she questioned my belief in fighting against animal cruelty when I posted this picture on Facebook.

I had been beaten over the head by her many times with comments questioning my ability to fight for the rights of all animals when I am a meat eater. Really? I cannot stand up against the cruelty bestowed upon chickens in these mass plants like Tyson by trying to buy local farm raised chickens that are free-range? I cannot stand up against the large massive farms that are cruelly slaughtering their cattle by buying beef at the farmers market that is raise in Wisconsin where I can go and see the farms and how they raise their beef? My family cannot fight against these farms when their raise their own livestock that they care for, name, and pretty much pamper before they are taken to the local butcher to have cut, wrapped, and frozen so they have food for the next year?

I think this is an unfair assessment of meat eaters by many vegetarians and I am sick of it. I fight with the vegetarians as well when I speak up against Monsanto and their frankenfoods, but do I see any of them fighting against this company? NO! If they do, I have never seen it. Instead I have had one person that spoke up fighting for companies like this because they provide seeds that can grow in troubled climates, like Africa and the droughts, but they do not see the bad that these foods are doing.

I have no scientific data so what I speak of is by process of eliminations. I am not a scientist, I am a 38 year old woman who has decided to go back to college and pursue a degree in something she loves, food and writing. So please do not take my speculations as fact, NEVER QUOTE ME AS MAKING TRUTHFUL STATEMENTS THESE ARE MY OPINIONS AND ASSUPTIONS.

Notice an increase in people becoming allergic to wheat? Could it be these modifications that these GMO grains have that could be causing this increase? Why would countries across the world, including china that has the greatest amount of pollution, ban GMO seeds? Many countries around the world have official banned GMO foods, yet the United States is backing the production of them. Citizens like me have taken a stance and read our labels, chose local grown food, frequent farmers markets, and even grow some of our own herbs and vegetables. One of my good friends that recently moved away grew her own garden of tomatoes, tomatillos, different peppers, and lots of herbs.

This is what vegetarians should be fighting for, safer foods that they eat. Why should a meat eater feel bad for eating meat by her vegetarian friends? I do not push my meat eating agendas on them. If they feel my posting of food is, well they obviously do not remember that I write a cooking blog and have posted quite a few vegetarian-friendly dishes.

Sure I know meat is bad for me, but I have exquisite taste buds that love to be challenged and I am not going to deny them, nor myself, the right to eat things that happen to be tasty. I will fight for animals to be given a good home, whether it is a farm or an urban apartment, I will fight against GMO foods until the day they are no longer grown and we are back to the heirloom fruits, vegetables, and meats, I will fight for everyone’s right to live their lives how they want to, whether they chose to be a same sex couple, an opposite sex couple, a married couple, a single person, meat eater, vegetarian, Black, White, Asian, Latino, English (this might get me slapped by KM), Irish, Russian, German, French, Lithuanian, Indian, Native American, WWII Vet, Vietnam Vet, Marine, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, animal, vegetable, mineral, honey bees, whatever you are, I will fight until my last dying breath for you.

So chose to hate me for my eating meat, for not drinking alcohol (recent change), or for having a zoo at home, but do not ever say that I do not do a far greater job of fighting for thing that matter to you because they matter to me as well, and to hate me for one thing out of so many that I fight for, well, that seems to be your hump to get over. Remember, some camels have two.

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