University of Wisconsin Madison and Their Cruelty to Cats

University of Wisconsin Madison and Their Cruelty to Cats
Would you cut his ears off, put metal in his eyes, causing him to lose his hearing, apply metal brackets around his head, leave gaping wounds? HELL NO!!!

Today I learned something about the University of Wisconsin I would have hoped never came from this institution; they are testing on cats. When I saw Bill Maher had posted on Facebook a link to PETA I was going to skip it, until I saw the face that looked just like my baby, Adam.

Why is UW-Madison testing on cats? What are they doing that is so crucial to society that a cat will tell us? What are you looking for in all this research? What can you learn from sticking coiled pieces of metal in a cats eye? Why are you cutting off their ears? Why are you making them deaf? SERIOUSLY, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU TREATING THEM LIKE THIS?!?!

I woke up early today thinking it was going to be a great day for football and watch UW take on Northwestern, but I am rooting for the WILDCATS today. FUCK YOU BADGERS! I can only hope that every "scientist" gets the same cruelty handed to them.

Yes, I said "scientist". They are not real scientists, if they were they would be doing real research, not treating a cat like a worthless piece of shit! We ended animal testing years ago because it was cruel to put soap in their eyes, dye on their skin, and a variety of other things that were tested on them before products or medications were released to the public. We also found that this testing was not accurate since a rabbit might react differently to a dye on their skin as a cat would, let alone a human being. I can tell you I am allergic to almost everything and testing products on my cat is not going to tell me what I can and cannot use!

What I would love to hear from the UW-Madison "scientists" is what they were doing their research on that they would cut open their heads, deafen them, cut off their ears, starve them, and put foreign objects into their eyes?

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has suspended their research and submitted a report to UW-Madison. Upon reading it I was a bit lost since I am not a laboratory researcher, but when you read that they were not using anesthesia during surgery is CRUEL! How would you like it is I decided to become a doctor and cut you open for heart surgery but never put you under? I don't think you would like it very much, so why is it ok for you to cause pain to an animal? Oh right, it is for research so you are covered to do whatever you want, right? WRONG! This is why the NIH shut you down.

I would love to hear what it is you are researching and why. I do not go sitting around with my three kitties and think "What would Cleo do if I cut her ears off?" or "Would Rana be more sociable if I made him deaf and stuck wires in his eyeballs?" or "Would Adam be less of a grumpy old man if I just starved him?" These are not things I would ever think of.

My cats love me for me and I love them just the same. The next time I read about some asshole university testing on animals for no good reason other than to get a grant and some research money, I am going to send them a package full of used kitty litter, shit and all!

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  • This is horrible. Sounds like torture to me---IT HAS TO STOP! Good for NIH on this one. This post deserves to go viral!!!!!!

  • Weather Girl, thank you for your support. I just can't believe this has been going on since 2012 according to the appendix of the report issued by the NIH. I hope this or at least the PETA post goes viral.

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    It has been going on a lot longer than last year, Brandi...................

    please see these clips for more info:

  • In reply to GlenV:


    Thank you for sharing the links. I was simply stating that in the appendix of the report, they only go back to 2012 which I did wonder if it was going on for much longer.

    I was told, by a fellow blogger, that this research is for cochlear implants. This still leaves many questions left unanswered like why the open wounds, why the coils in the eyes, why did they cut off the ears, why were they performing surgeries with no anesthesia, why were they starved, and I am sure many more questions from PETA's research.

    I will look at some of the links you shared, but I will scrutinize them, as PETA has overexaggerated in the past when I was an impressionable teenager who grew up around farms every summer and knew what small farms were like, and they were not at all like what I was reading in the PETA magazines of that time.

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    also see more info at these links, including PETA's original complaint letters to the NIH and the USDA, etc.:

    PETA video at

    PETA's 2 complaints to the USDA and to National Institutes of Health:


    PETA response to the University's rebuttal:

    and some photos of the cats still in the study, taken by the USDA inspector:

  • Brandi - Thank you so much for posting this. I saw chatter on this on Facebook while traveling yesterday and was just as outraged. (Just wasn't anyplace I could blog.) Cats have such a hard time as it is without this crap going on. We all need to speak out for them. FYI - there are some key people in Chicago Cat rescue that are Alums...I'm passing this along.

    Here are some petition sites where you can speak out -

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