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Helping Those Less Fortunate Than Yourself, That Is My Friend K

I grew up poor. I had very little growing up that would have been deemed a prized possession until my sister and I reached high school and we got the original Nintendo with the sports pack. Before that we had to play with the boys upstairs that had one. My sister and I were also... Read more »

John Boehner Speaks For America? Not for me!

It seems the republicans have been touting they are doing the will of the American people by shutting down the government and forcing the democrats to defund the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare to the idiot republicans/tea party republicans in Congress). Now I don’t know about your feelings as my readers, but I know that Boehner,... Read more »

University of Wisconsin Madison and Their Cruelty to Cats

University of Wisconsin Madison and Their Cruelty to Cats
Today I learned something about the University of Wisconsin I would have hoped never came from this institution; they are testing on cats. When I saw Bill Maher had posted on Facebook a link to PETA I was going to skip it, until I saw the face that looked just like my baby, Adam. Why... Read more »