Skinny Girl In The Fat Girls Body Part 10: 10 Things I Learned About Myself While Unemployed

Many of you do not know, but I was laid off back in April and have taken a long, unexpected break from writing my updates about my weight loss progress. Well, today is time to reveal the ups and downs of how being unemployed has woken me up to a lot of things I took for granted with a paying job and ten things I have learned so far.

One, do not lie to yourself about your issues with food or stress eating. I found myself eating terrible things the first month I was unemployed. I ate frozen dinners, frozen pizzas and all kinds of pre-made foods the first couple of weeks I was home. Why I ate these things is because I was not looking forward to cleaning my kitchen. I GOT LAZY! I watched my weight go up and down for the first month before it finally settled back down to where I was before the loss of work.

Two, do not buy more than you can eat in 2 or 3 days. Why you might ask? Well, I am the type of person that thinks ab out meals days in advance if i do cook, but now that i can live off one pot of food for a week no need to think that far in advance. I found myself throwing away more food then I was consuming those first 2 weeks because I was use to making too much and sharing at work. Now that I am not working who am I going to share a pot full of chicken marsala with? Learn to make more than one dish with left overs, this is key. Check out my post about Chicken Soup.

Three, start going through clothes and find what doesn't fit anymore and finally donate them. I donated a big bag off clothes to The Brown Elephant in May and have a big bag of jeans that I no longer fit. This does not mean I have the right to go and buy new clothes, but this did give me a chance to run around clothing stores trying on stuff and finding out what size I am at. I did buy a few new things, but nothing I bought did not come from the clearance rack at Old Navy. I can finally say that I am now at a Large or smaller, but I do still have my XL dresses in case I am feeling the need for looser clothing. After all, I am unemployed and it is all about comfort.

Four, it takes months for me to finish a project at home. I am not talking about fixing a wall or putting up the AC unit in the window, what I speak of is CLEANING. Many of you that I know in person would think that I have a clean and organized home by how I have cleaned up after myself in your own homes, but it was far from that. I live in a bedroom I am lucky if I can find a place on the floor to stand that does not have a piece of mail, a newspaper, shoes, clothing or yarn covering it. Many of these items are in boxes, but these boxes need to be gone through, stored or shredded. A few of my friends were entertained with photos of the progress day by day of the mess and how I have been cleaning. I can honestly say that I can finally sit on my couch, cook dinner and sleep in a clean bed. What can I say, when I get home at 8PM the last thing I wanted to do was clean up after myself. Yes, this was typically my home time after a long day at work. After I would make dinner all I wanted to do was veg out in front of the TV.

Five, HBO SUCKS! I mean I love my HBO shows, but how many times am I going to see Harry Potter running on the air? How many times can I watch Veep before wanting to throw my shoe at many of the characters? I did love that I could watch Game of Thrones over and over, but wouldn't you if you could?

Six, The Newsroom is the best show I have seen so far on HBO next to Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and True Blood. Why I did not get into this show during the first season I have no idea, but I am looking forward to watching season 1 while watching season 2.

Seven, I do not do laundry as often as I was when I was working. Many of my friend thought I was weird for doing laundry every 2 months, but now I only have to do wash when I need underwear! Yes, only for underwear! The only time I get dressed these days is when I have to go out for an interview, shop for groceries, see my friends smiling faces in person or run errands. I never realized how much clothing I used when I was working until now.

Eight, my cats love me. They were the first ones to show me their cute little faces when I woke up that first monday I was without work and thought it was strange and have been around me or bothering me every hour since. They are going to HATE me when I start working again. Hopefully sooner rather than later. I have a temp gig in the works so cross your fingers I get it!

Nine, my insomnia does not bother me so much now as it did when I was working. I can nap when I feel the need to or sleep in late if I want to just because. Dealing with insomnia like mine sucks. I had a week when I was working where I got all of 4 hours of sleep for 7 straight days. The only reason I got that much sleep was because I called in sick. Many of my friends think it is weird that I am up at ungodly hours of the night tweeting, on Facebook, or texting silly photos. What can I say, I get bored at 3am and surf the internet for recipes, remedies and a bunch of other things that I would not think to Google in the daylight. Also, the internet in my area is MUCH faster that hour of the night!

Ten, I am less stressed. Many of you have listened to me bitch about my job, about my commute to work, or just stupid people in general. Since I have been out of work my stress levels have gone down so much that my psoriasis has started to go away. This has also been helped by being forced to eat more at home since I cannot afford eat out every night like I use to and because I have been seeing an acupuncturist during this time off. I justify my $30 treatments once a week as a way to get rid of my $95 weekly chiropractor bill. Also the acupuncturist I see is on a sliding scale and told me that if I ever needed to pay less that I could. She has been the best help ever during this time and has kept my head on straight in a time I feel like it should be rolling around in circles like it was going down a drain.

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