Skinny Girl In The Fat Girls Body Part 8: Stupid Sales Person At Old Navy

Skinny Girl In The Fat Girls Body Part 8: Stupid Sales Person At Old Navy

I will not be asking the skinny bitches at Old Navy for help ever again! They have skinny sales people that are rude and obnoxious, not to mention STUPID! This broad took one look at me and I bet she thought "You should be shopping in the plus size section."

Why do I call them STUPID you might ask? Well, a couple weeks ago after work I was looking for a pair of dress pants or khakis, I was given a rather lengthy answer to a very easy yes or no question. What was the question? Simple, "Do you have any dress pants that come in short?" I am 5'3.5 so regular pants do not fit my shot stature and there is no fucking way I was about to go with a regular or a long. If I did that I would have no need for socks!

The lengthy answer I got was, "well it all depends if we get any online returns, but we can check the shelves."

It took everything in my being not to smack this broad across the forehead and tell her how dumb she was. After all, I had just spent 30 minutes looking at that same exact set of shelves she was walking me over to. Do you really think they are going to put a pair of short slacks on the top shelf? If that were the case, the person that stocked the shelves should have their foot stepped on my a horse!

Sorry but this kind of shit aggravates me to no end. It is like the lives of customer service or sales clerks is spent trying to ruin yours as much as they can. Hell add waitstaff to that as well. I mean, how many times do you go shopping and want help but can't find anyone from the fucking sales staff around? Then when you don't need them they are everywhere, almost like they are following you, continuously asking you if you need help finding something or can I get you a bag. I am sorry but where were you 15 minutes ago when I needed to get a shirt off the top shelf? Oh right you were on your coffee.smoke/"fuck this job I don't give a shit about it" break!

The reason why I add waitstaff to this catagory is they always seem to ask you if everything is ok right after you just stuffed your mouth full of your food that you cannot give them a response without making them wait, so this is their easy way out. I mean, who wants to stop and listen to what you think is so great about the dish, or have some person complain about how something is cooked, right? Never fails for me, that is sure.

My response to the sales person at Old Navy was, "That is not what I asked, what I asked was do you sell any dress pants in this store that come in short. Yes or no is sufficient enough." Reply from the floor jockey, "Well it all depends if anything is returned from online." My response as I walked away, "A simple no would have done well as I have already been through that shelf of crap you were trying to direct me too." Of curse I mumbled under my breath "Stupid bitch airhead!"

Lesson one I learned from that night, do not ask a blonde on the second floor, that looks like an airhead for any answers as she will do everything she can to piss you off and make you cry. Instead, ask the big girls on the first floor for anything that you are looking for as they will give you a straight answer and will clearly help you more so then the airhead ever could.

Lesson two I learned from that night, short people are screwed when it comes to buying clothing other than jeans at Old Navy and this needs to change as there are more of us that shop there. How can I buy a pair of pants online if I do not know what my real size is in the short version? I am not going to buy my current size and find out you make them too small or too loose. I am a try, buy and wear out kind of girl!

Lesson three I learned from that night, fat people really are discriminated by these asshole sales people that think they are better then you because they can wear a 00. Bitch please, the only thing that you could probably do better than me is hiding in a small box, of which I will seal you in and ship you off to Uzbekistan!

I'm really not this bitter, but this night set me off something fierce. Yes I still shop at Old Navy since it fits my pocket book, and because I can get my jeans for $19 when they are on sale and I don't have to try on everyone to make sure they fit, I can snatch and go.

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    Envy, I was thinking the same thing, while reading and was asking myself what did the girl exactly do wrong? It seems that it is all because of self esteem issues

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