Death Of A Cousin: Kyle Roberts

Death Of A Cousin: Kyle Roberts

Homicide is a word I never wanted to hear come from the lips or hands of anyone in my family. When a death occurs in my family there is usually a medical reason behind it. Breast cancer took my grandmother, heart related issues and the multiples strokes my grandfather had took him, and my other grandfather was taken due to complications with pneumonia. Never did I think I was going to hear the words "Your cousin has been murdered this morning" uttered from anyone's lips.

Yesterday I was taking a rather late nap when I was woken by a call from my parents cell. I just figured it was because I had not gotten back to my mom about the cost of going back to Hong Kong over the holidays. That was not the case this time, it was a call from my dad.

Only times I ever get a call from my dad is when he needs me to look up something online since they do not have that capability and both my parents are technologically challenged. This time I was not sure what to expect, and then I heard the words "Yeah, I need you to check on any information you can find about your cousin that was murder in St. Louis early this morning. He is Tracy's kid with his first wife. His name is Kyle Roberts."

At first I was shocked. I didn't know my uncle Tracy had any kids with his first wife so I didn't know I had a cousin living in Illinois I never met. I met most of my cousins, but from the Roberts side I only knew of 2 that I had met when they were babies from my aunt Valerie.

I told my dad I would call him back and all the reports I could find just told me that the 28 year old man was stabbed to death outside of a bar at The Landing in St. Louis. Apparently he was with some friends as they were the "witnesses" that called the police and gave them the description of the guy that kid that killed my cousin.

I plugged Kyle's name into my Google search bar and I was stunned. I felt like my world was turned upside down like a big dumpster and all the contents were strewn across my living room floor. Tears started to well up and I was having a hard time trying to fathom what the two men could have been arguing about that turned this from a verbal argument to a stabbing incident that left my cousin dying in the streets of St. Louis.

Never in my life did I think a murder could hit so close to home, but it did. My aunt Julia called me after I text her asking if this was really about my cousin and told me about the how she would take Kyle every other weekend and spending time with him. Basically it was like Kyle was another one of Julia's kids. Julia has a big heart and I love her for that.

To hear of Kyle's death is both sad and aggravating. At a time when everyone is screaming that we need more gun control, my cousin was stabbed and died from one stab wound to his throat. My cousin's death just proves once again that guns are not the only issue in this country, and that murder can happen to anyone's family.

I do not know much about Kyle, but I am betting like most of the kids in my crazy family, he was a good kid. As I reconnect with many of my cousins I have not seen in ages, I have found that many have turned out to be good people, and this is why I feel Kyle had to be a good kid. I am sure as more is found out about his murder we will find out more about Kyle.

Kyle, I am sorry that I did not get to know you, but like all my cousins I am trying to connecting with or reconnect with, I love you and you will be missed. My prays are with my uncle Tracy and his family, as well as with my aunt Julia and her family. I hope that they are able to catch the punk that killed my cousin and that the family gains some closure to this horrendous tragedy.

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