Skinny Girl In The Fat Girls Body Part 3: My Little Blue Pill Miracle Called Phentermine

Skinny Girl In The Fat Girls Body Part 3: My Little Blue Pill Miracle Called Phentermine
37.5 mg dose since this is what I am currently on.

To the healthnut personal trainers that might read this:

I know everyone of you health fucknut nazi mother fuckers are going to say the same shit as every fucking body out there who deals with a fat ass like me when it comes to dieting, do not take the medication we can help you. Sure you can help me, at $100/day, but I cannot afford a personal nazi to yell at me that I am not trying hard enough and basically ruin my self esteem! I am sorry but I do not have the time to workout for 2 hours a day, cook a delicious sensible meal (which I already cook like this), and all that bullshit you tout in your own personal blogs or in your own healthnut book. Even if I could afford a personal trainer I would not do it because I have better things to buy or pay off then you! You Personal Nazi's must also learn that not everybody is the same. What a man does a woman cannot do. Not everybody metabolizes food at the same rate as others, no ones genes are the same as the other, and hell if you know what it took for me to get to where I was before this miracle drug entered my life! So chill the fuck out, shut the fuck up, and let me speak. Thank you!

Before all of this shit exploded about my diet (see Part 1), I use to eat when I wanted and what I wanted. I didn't care that I was getting fat, so long as I could get up in the morning, get dressed and work a full 8 hours in the office I was fine. It also did not help dating a guy that wanted to drive everywhere, make plans out in the burbs which would require driving, or himself acting like the fat kid. Now he had a thyroid problem, but I did not know that it caused his weight gain, but I know mine was from eating a whole loaf of bread (the fresh baked kind), or eating a whole pound of pasta in a day all by myself (yes I have done this a few times in my life).

Fat girl didn't care about the skinny girl anymore! Hell, I was lucky I even got on the scale for a month at a time. Now if I don't check it that week I freak out!

After my liver decided it had enough of the carbo loading bullshit I was feeding it I started to see Dr. Neff. I changed what I was eating and how much I was eating, I was even working out more and was in physical therapy for my flattening feet (causing a lot of issues with my joints) so this should have been helping. Alas no change. No increase in my activities or even starving myself for one day a week changed anything. So, Dr. Neff and I went over some of the side effects to the Phentermine, and let me tell you it can be scary! (Check Part 4 for all the side effects.)

When I first started taking the drug I didn't notice a lot of change in me. I did notice that my heart rate had gone up, but since I was on blood pressure medication I saw no change there. After about 2 months I started noticing thing changing with my weight and size. I was smiling daily at how much I was seeing melt off just from a week to week tally. I went from being 221 when I first went on the medication at the doctors office, down to 185 by November. That was a significant drop from the time I started the diet to my return from Hong Kong.

I am grateful for my little blue pill, that's for sure! I would not change anything right now if I could. Why fix what isn't broken? I know I will be on the Phentermine for quite a long time, but if it is my little miracle in a pill form for right now so be it!

Again, to all you healthnuts and personal training guru's, you might want to rethink what you tell your clients when it comes to their diet because what you think might work does not always work for everybody! I can attest to that being true!

Now, off to take my pill and have my lunch. Now that I have gone pescetarian for lent I will be having some falafel, hummus and a little pasta salad from Mezza!

Part 4 will be the side effects of the little blue pill known as Phentermine.

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