Skinny Girl In The Fat Girls Body Part 6: I Need A New Wardrobe?

Skinny Girl In The Fat Girls Body Part 6: I Need A New Wardrobe?
I wore my Chinese red dress to the ChicagoNow Holiday Blathering.

I am in need of a new wardrobe and this scares me! It has been a long time since I have needed to be fitted for anything, and a very long time since I have needed to try on various sizes before I find the one that fits me.

While in Hong Kong, I was loaning my capris to my mom to use as pants and primarily sticking to the 2 pairs of shorts and some pretty slim yoga pants for my hiking because I left my brand new belt at home. Don't worry, my grandmother was doing laundry every 2 or 3 days so it was not like I was some homeless bum stinking up the joint.

A big girl, even my mom, cannot find anything worth while for clothing while in Hong Kong because most of the major stores cater to the skinny Asians running around. Let's just say more times then none I feel insulted by their attitude when they have big girls running around as well. I opted to instead stick with what I know and wear what I have. Lets just say nothing was fitting right and I was in need of a belt badly which is why I stuck with the stretch yoga pants I brought with me over the capris that were falling off me as I walked.

While I was on vacation I decided that i was going to get a more traditional dress made while I was there so I had something that not only fit my fat ass, but was something Chinese that was not edible or something I was giving away as a present. The featured picture above is said dress. Lets just say I will be taking that dress back with me and having it altered again as well as getting another one made for spring when I go back.

So after I got back from Hong Kong I started to evaluate my closet. Lets just say it is in need of some change and badly. I had bought a new belt before going on vacation in an XL size thinking I would need this and I was fine with the size at the time. Boy was I ever wrong there!

One of the girls in the office noticed that my pants were looking a little funny on me, how they hung off my waist and made some funny shapes down to my ankles. I just brushed it off as not having an ass so everything looks funny on me. Little did I know I was in for a real treat.

Everything I own as far as clothing are all in need of being replaced with exception to t-shirts, jackets and my winter coat. I am a big girl still after all and I thank my parents for their genetic transfer for that. I am not saying my waistline comes from my genes, as we all know a skinny person in a house full of fat people, but I am referring to my bust line.

It was once a known fact that when a woman goes onto a diet and loses a lot of weight she will lose her breasts, well in my case that is not true, unlike my sister. Although, I think my sister is grateful for losing some of the girls, they were giving her such back problems. If anything mine have gotten slightly bigger, or it might just be my perception when I look down all I see is my girls and not my gut.

Once I get my tax return I will be going for a new wardrobe for sure. I know pants will be the first thing I start looking for. Hopefully I find them in petite or short this time instead of getting some bimbo that can't answer a simple question about short khakis! This will be explained in part 8 :-)

Part 7: Self Esteem. This is about how my self esteem was boosted recently.

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