Skinny Girl In The Fat Girls Body Part 5: Hong Kong Hiking Trip

Skinny Girl In The Fat Girls Body Part 5: Hong Kong Hiking Trip
This is part of The Dragon's Back trail. Some areas were ok, others were down right scarey! YES, I WOULD DO IT AGAIN!!!

The amount of energy it use to take me to get a mile use to take about 15 minutes. Phentermine not only kick starts your metabolism and suppress your appetite, but it is an upper that causes all this energy that you feel you need to do something, anything, other than being an idle slug.

While I was in Hong Kong, I stopped taking my blood pressure medication mid way through the trip and felt no different then I had while taking it. I was feeling a bit peppier and during my two week trip I had taken on 4 hiking trails, 2 of which I did with my mom. Who knew I could stiop my blood pressure medication with no ill effects like the crazy GP was telling me. PFTPH! That is what I said when I was 3 days into not taking my medication.

My mom and I decided that our first hike was going to be Victoria Peak. We took the Tram up as we have never taken a trail downb and would not even know where to begin finding one at the base that went straight up to the top of the peak. After trying to find the Victoria Garden, and my mom thinking we were tresspassing, we decided to try and find the trail that lead us to Aberdeen. Let's just say I was glad that we took the route that the cop told us was the right one, because it took us to the Pok Fu Lam Reservoir trail.

Of course this trail is not as easy as you might think it is, lets just say running is not an option as the trail is very steep and at points you feel like your head is level with the road as you are walking down. This was a fun trail but definitely not one I would be taking up hill unless I was in a car!

My mom and I later tackled the Hong Kong Victoria Park, which is where you can find a variety of the Hong Kong flower, the Bauhinia blakeana flower which looks like an orchid. Then we tackled the Botanical Garden, Zoological Park, and a variety of small trails.

About a week into our trip we opted to go to Lamma Island and see what was there, as my aunt Joan suggest this island for their fishing villages and I would assume the fresh fish. Let's just say it was great for the hiking from one ferry dock to the other and the scenic view. Most of the restaurants we saw where not very appealing at the time. The hike started off as a winding trip around the local village at Yung Shue Wan and ended at Sok Kwu Wan (6 km=3.73 miles).

My all time favorite hike was The Dragon's Back (3 miles, not including the hike down through the cemetery where my grandfather is entombed and ending at the train station to meet for dinner afterwards).

Through all the trails and all the walking my mom and I did while on a 14 day trip, we had a blast. Sure there were a lot of complaints from me walking around the same office building looking for the bathroom and never remembering where it was, to my mom complaining about her hips and knees while hiking. Throughout the whole trip we were cracking each other up with fake complaints, asking are we there yet though we were on foot, but in the end we loved the trip and all the sightseeing.

By the time I got home from the trip I had gotten to one of my goal weights before winter. That means while i was on vacation I gained a little water weight, but I did build a lot of muscles in my legs and my arms. If you look at my arms and legs today they are not at all the same arms and Legs I had before I started this journey to the skinny me.

I will have a gallery up soon for each trail that I hiked and what I saw along the way. It was an amazing trip and I recommend it to anyone that is looking to get away half way across the globe! Food is great, people are interesting, transportation is easy, you can walk around almost everywhere (just watch out for the taxis and the buses), shopping is so cheap for things like pashminas and clothing, and there is so much to see/do that it will take you about 2 weeks just to get through maybe half of it.

Coming up: Part 6 - A New Wardrobe!

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