Skinny Girl In The Fat Girls Body Part 1: Do Not Always Believe Your Doctor

So most that know me have seen me from the heaviest I thought I would ever got, up to the heaviest I actually let myself grow to. For a number of years I did not give two shits what anyone had to say about my weight. My mom would say something and in the back of my head I would be screaming at her "Look at yourself mom, you have no room to talk." Friends were polite and I figured when they were asking if I lost weight it is because we had not seen in each other in FOREVER!

Back in 2006 before, during and after my trip to Portland in 2006, I was having excruciating pain in my right side. My doctor thought I had appendicitis and ordered that I go to the ER each time i complained of the pain and the vomiting. After quite a few visits to the ER and a whole lot of barium and radioactive material later it was found I did not have anything wrong with my appendix and the vomiting and pain just went away. I also had an ultrasound for the first time of my gallbladder and everything turned out fine. All the symptoms went away, so I assumed the doc just chalked it up to it being all in my head.

My GP (General Practitioner) thinks I am whacked in the head I am sure as she tried to blame my high blood pressure on anxiety issues and not the real problem, MY BEING FAT! It was not like it would go high and stay high, it would just spike at certain times like standing around waiting for the guy I was dating at the time at my favorite restaurant, laying down for bed, and the worst was when I was laying on the couch watching the Winter Olympics and the event was curling. Mind you I have this nerdy love for curling, but it does not make your heart race like it was later that year when the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. My blood pressure was at it's all time high that night!

I cook with very little salt, and if I can get away with it, I prefer to make my own stocks and sauces to control the amount of sodium in everything. I am not one that craves salt in my food, just salty foods like Chips and french fries, so I tend to cook with just enough salt that it will release the flavor in food and not over power it. Of course my doctor knew how I cooked, I am a label reader, especially since my parents are both Type 2 diabetics. I rarely go out for fast food, and when i did it was usually because my boyfriend at the time and I would go out to the Dekalb area where his brother and girlfriend at the time lived.

I always cooked at home and I maybe ate half my meal, the rest would go for lunch or my ex would finish it. I was never a big eater, I later found this was a bad thing. I cooked on a daily basis as my boyfriend basically lived with me and it was always cheaper to cook at home than going out for a meal. This does not mean we did not splurge now and then, but when we did it was for good reasons.

Almost a year ago, 6 years after I first had these symptoms, I had the shooting pain and vomiting come back. I went to the same GP I had been and she had blood work done. Came back with my liver enzyme levels high then normal. First thing she told me was "You will need to schedule with a surgeon to have your gallbladder removed."

After I called the three surgeons she recommended I had an appointment set with one of the guys I thought was the better choice from Northwestern and was just going to wait it out. After I called my GP's office I told her what was going on and she wanted to see me. We talked about nothing important other then I should get an ultrasound of my gallbladder and make sure that is the issue.

Do you know how badly I wanted to smack this bitch on the head? It is already bad enough I had my first mammogram and had to have a biopsy done to rule out a lump in my right upper breast area, but now I am having to deal with having a bit of major surgery and an organ removed.

I scheduled my ultrasound and when I got the results back, I decided this was the last time I was seeing this crazy doctor that not only had me going bonkers because I was in pain and could not figure out why, but she was telling me I needed to schedule an unnecessary surgery! Yes, the ultrasound technician told me she did not see anything at all that would require the removal!

This has prompted me to tell others do not always believe your doctor!

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